Pursuing Denied SSDI/SSI Claims

Social Security Disability Lawyers in Pittsburgh

It is often the case that the Social Security Administration will deny the claim of a person who is truly disabled. If this happens to you, the attorneys at Dugan & Associates, P.C. can help you file an appeal, showing government how your condition truly does make it impossible for you to perform your job functions.

It is easy for them to stamp "denied" on a claim when all you are to them is a number. We will let them know you are a person — a well-meaning, hard-working person — who is struggling to cope with a serious and debilitating hardship.

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SSDI Appeals: The Keys to Success

At Dugan & Associates, P.C., we help people throughout western Pennsylvania with all aspects of the SSDI process, including appealing denied claims. When handling your appeal, our experienced SSDI lawyers can help you improve your chances of success by:

  • Working with you and your physician to obtain the evidence we need to present a persuasive case to the government.
  • Presenting you as a human being with real problems and who truly wants to work, but is unable due to a disability.
  • Using our skill and experience to pursue the maximum amount of disability benefits allowed under the law.

Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience helping people seek and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled under Social Security law. We will put our skill and experience to work for you, to help you cope with your disability and get the financial assistance you need and deserve.

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