Workers Compensation Attorney Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

 MITCH DUGAN: My law firm, Dugan and Associates, I started about eight years ago. [GRAPHIC: Dugan & Associates, P.C. 1-877-99DUGAN Workers' Compensation] MITCH DUGAN: I've been practicing law for 20 years. I focus on workers compensation cases, people who are hurt at work, injured on the job. We have a whole team of lawyers and staff on your side. There's myself and three other attorneys, secretaries, law clerks. We have a private investigator. A typical workers compensation case that gets into litigation, which is obviously what we do, involves either attempting to get somebody benefits or maintain their benefits. And workers compensation involves every type of injury that you can think of. You may have an injury where somebody bends over at work, picks up something and herniates a disk in their back, or maybe just tears or pulls a muscle in their back. We see a whole host of these issues. If somebody gets hurt at work, one of the first things they need to do is report the injury to someone in a supervisory capacity. They need to seek proper medical treatment. If it's an emergency situation go to the emergency room. You can report the injury after that. Most times it happens on the job, the employer is going to be present and, and they'll know about the injury because they'll see the injury happen. People are concerned primarily about their health, obviously. Our goal is to fight to help them get what they deserve so that they can get on, get healthy and if, if they're able to go back to work, help them in that situation. If not, they want to move on with their life and get a lump sum settlement, we help them with that situation. People are concerned about their finances. They're not getting paid their salary or they're not getting paid their workers comp. They're having difficulties with their medical bills getting paid. That's what we fight for them to get. During this timeframe they may, they may be using their finances. They may be using loans. They may be borrowing off of family. It's a very, very difficult time. Every case varies in its length and certainly we cannot predict how long a case will go. Our goal is to bring the case as quickly to a conclusion to the benefit of our client as we can. That's not always the goal of the insurance carriers. If our client is so inclined, we work to try to get them a lump sum settlement. Oftentimes, a lump sum settlement of that individual's case helps them move on with their life and oftentimes they may do better than if they had gone through a litigation process. The way the fee works in our office is there's no fee unless there's a recovery made. In terms of expenses, we advance the costs. What that means is, is we pay for the doctors to testify if necessary. We pay for the court reporter transcripts. We pay for the doctor's records. If we win the case, that is reimbursed to us by the workers comp insurance company. That is not paid by the client. We do not charge the client for those types of expenses. [GRAPHIC: Dugan & Associates, P.C. 1-877-99DUGAN] MITCH DUGAN: If you need a lawyer in a workers compensation case, call my office. You can call me, Mitch Dugan, at 1-877-99DUGAN or you can find us on the internet at