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May 2013 Archives

Construction accident claims life of Pennsylvania man

An employee of a Pennsylvania construction company was killed as the result of a fall while working to erect a barn at a family-owned farm in East Allen Township. The man, age 28, was one of several employees working on the trusses of the barn when he fell approximately 25 feet to the floor below. According to the Northampton County Coroner, the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, and the manner of the death was ruled as accidental.

Program set to help teens receiving Supplemental Security Income

As we've previously covered on this blog, there are ways to obtain disability benefits for minor children. Namely, Supplemental Security Income is one option available to children and teenagers who meet the criteria established by federal officials.

CEO sentenced to 4 years probation and restitution

A 61-year-old woman recently received four years of probation for intentionally not paying for workers' compensation insurance in Pennsylvania. The president of the trucking company entered guilty pleas to one felony and one misdemeanor charge in exchange for the dismissal of hundreds of charges related to worker's compensation benefits.

Opioid use by injured workers reaching 'epidemic' proportions

Pennsylvania residents may be aware of the growing, national problem of opioid abuse. It has attracted the attention of the CDC. According to the CDC, There are nearly 40,000 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. annually. Statistics show that more than half of these involve prescription drugs. Opioid-related deaths currently exceed those involving heroin and cocaine combined.

Pennsylvania woman deals with effects of 13-year-old brain injury

Falling victim to a brain injury can literally change a person's entire life in an instant. Brain damage -- which is often permanent -- can limit a person's cognitive, speech, memory and motor skills, which can make common tasks a major challenge. One Pennsylvania woman is currently dealing with this reality, and her brain injury is over a decade old.

District court rejects intern lawsuit

Across the nation from Pennsylvania to California, interns are watching as the courts set a discouraging legal precedence when a federal judge determined that a group of interns for a large publishing company could not ask to be treated as regular employees after the fact. On May 8, the judge entered the ruling and added that the employees will need to file individual lawsuits against the firm.

Worker illness death outranks injury

A new report by the AFL-CIO shows that workplace illnesses outrank workplace injuries as a cause of death by nearly 10 to 1. Pennsylvania had the lowest rate of workers injured on the job for 2011, but the number of workers who died due to illnesses or diseases contracted on the job was much higher. Fire fighters, nurses and those who work with patients are at much higher risk than the general population for contracting a deadly illness in the workplace, according to the AFL-CIO's study.

How can children with disabilities obtain benefits?

Dealing with a child's disability can be a very confusing and scary time for parents in Pennsylvania. As individuals try to assess exactly how an injury, illness or mental condition will impact their families, they should know that there may be resources, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security disability, available to children living with a disability.

Number of worker-related deaths no longer declining

Though Pennsylvania workplaces have the lowest fatality rates, according to a report by the AFL-CIO, approximately 150 people in the United States died everyday in 2011 due to work-related injuries or illness. This amounts to the death of 13 workers due to injuries that they sustained from workplace accidents and another 137 people each day from work-related illnesses and diseases. The report indicates that even though there had been a downward trend in work-related deaths, the last three years have not seen declines.

Worker rushed to hospital after roadside accident

A worker for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation was taken to the hospital after a collision with a vehicle on Fourth Street in Monongahela. The construction accident occurred when a 32-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle and hit the employee as he was working traffic control.

Social Security judges raise concerns over disability quotas

When a Pittsburgh resident is looking to appeal a denied Social Security disability insurance claim, his or her case will eventually be heard by an administrative court judge. The judge will review the case file in conjunction with a hearing and make a decision. However, a large group of these judges filed a lawsuit that claims they are being required to hear too many cases.

Workplace accidents responsible for more deaths than terrorists

Safety in the workplace is an issue that often gets shuffled to the back burner. Despite the protest of labor advocates that the media doesn't pay enough attention to the hazardous conditions that exist in factories all over the country, public attention in Pennsylvania is commonly focused on other issues.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and workers' comp

Pittsburgh employees may be interested in a new study that shows a link between various professions and carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition exhibits itself over a period of several years, and it is related to many professions such as computer workers, dental practitioners and jewelry creators. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most recognized workplace injuries, and the symptoms typically include the numbness of the hands and fingers as well as tingling, swelling, itching or burning sensations. Employees diagnosed with the syndrome may have to be exposed to prolonged treatment, including medication and surgery in severe cases.

Persistent Lyme disease can have disabling effects

Medical professionals recently gathered in Pennsylvania to discuss an illness that can produce strong opinions among doctors: Lyme disease. If left untreated or if the disease persists even after initial treatment, the tick-borne illness can have very serious effects. In fact, those who are dealing with chronic Lyme disease symptoms may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

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