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December 2014 Archives

Safety hazards garner OSHA citations at Scranton company

Despite numerous incidents of crushed or amputated fingers at a Scranton company over the past couple of years, a recent inspection by OSHA revealed the company has done nothing to correct the existing safety hazards. Reportedly, the company, Olympia Chimney Supply, has 15 days from the citation date in order to make all ordered repairs.

Mercer County Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Recently, a Workers' Compensation Settlement of $685,000.00 for a Mercer County man was negotiated by the experienced attorneys at Dugan & Associates. Everyone knows that drilling oil and gas is big industry in Pennsylvania. It's hard physical work. But it comes with risks. A 64 year old gentleman who was employed as a driller in Mercer County suffered a significant work injury when a rack of pipes fell on him. A co-worker, truck driver, had unhooked the chain holding the pipes before our client could get out of the way. Our client tried to yell but the truck driver didn't hear him.

A Case Study for workers' compensation

Mr. Smith suffered a work injury. He was employed as a crane operator, laborer and also worked shipping and receiving. His job duties could include heavy lifting at times, using chains to hook up loads, bending, stooping, squatting and climbing. On the day he was hurt he and a coworker were moving a steel beam onto a pallet. As his coworker was walking backwards the coworker lost his balance and fell. Mr. Smith attempted to swing the beam so it would not fall onto his friend and in doing so he felt something pull in his back.

Pennsylvania farmers encouraged to use roll bars

Pennsylvania farmers who hire help should use great diligence to provide safe working conditions. Although farming as an occupation is becoming less common, it is still one of the most dangerous jobs. One of the biggest reasons for its potential for serious injury or death is the automated nature of modern farming. Most modern farmers spend a lot of time on heavy machinery. When poorly equipped and lacking protective devices like roll bars or Roll-Over Protective Structures, these large implements can be deadly.

Is my injury considered worker' compensation?

If you've been injured, it's likely you need compensation to pay for medical bills, replace wages lost while you are unable to work and pay for general expenses that may arise. You might not care where this compensation comes from-you just know you need the money you're owed. Whether you can get compensation for an injury, and where that compensation could come from both depend largely on the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to your injury. Understanding the difference between personal injury law and workers' compensation-as well as the overlap between the two- can be a god first step as you try to obtain the money you need.

Workers' compensation for women in the workplace

Are women at risk for Workplace injuries? Not surprisingly women face different challenges from those men may experience. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says social, economic, and cultural factors also put women at risk for injury and illness.

Ergonomic solutions for preventing workplace injury

Musculoskeletal injury made up a full 34 percent of all workplace illness and injury in Pennsylvania and around the country over the course of 2012, as recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lower back, shoulder and upper-limb sprains and straining were among the most common such injuries and were suffered in the highest numbers among manual laborers as well as professional movers in the material, stock and freight industries.

Common workplace hazards workers should be aware of

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, work-related injuries occur often, which can impact a company's productivity, its insurance rates and the employee's sense of safety at the workplace. However, employees can reduce the threat of injury by being vigilant at the workplace.

What if I didn't know I was hurt at work?

In Workers' Compensation, strange as it may sound, some people don't know if they are hurt. Either that or a lot of us seem to work through our pain thinking it will go away and unfortunately by doing so can unwittingly cause skepticism of their claim.

Workplace injury statistics for 2013

Pennsylvania workers might be encouraged by a recent study completed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the incidence of workplace injuries and illnesses for 2013. According to the study, the overall rates of reportable workplace injuries and illnesses declined, continuing a trend that has been ongoing for several years.

What is covered under workers' compensation?

Workers' Compensation laws provide benefits for workers who get injured while on the job. The laws vary from state to state, but generally there are four types of injuries we see covered by workers' compensation.

Workplace heavy lifting injury causes and prevention

Pennsylvania workers may be interested in some information about on-the-job injuries due to lifting heavy objects. Some safety advice can help to prevent these injuries and allow the employee to be productive and continue working.

Reducing electrocution on the job

Pennsylvania employees may benefit from learning more about electrocution accidents at the workplace. Data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics over the past two decades indicates that improvements in electrical safety at the workplace have reduced the rate of electrical injuries suffered on the job. Between 1992 and 2010, the number of electrical injuries decreased by more than 50 percent. The country realized larger declines in workplace fatalities and injuries associated with electrocution from 2006 to 2010.

Black ice causing motor vehicle accidents throughout region

As winter approaches, motor vehicle accidents are inevitable. However, studies find that most accidents that take place in the winter months are just as avoidable as those that take place in warmer months. There's just one problem: people don't want to take the added precautions that are consistent with safe winter driving.

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