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January 2015 Archives

Motor vehicle accidents in rural vs. urban areas

The chance a driver will be in one of the many deadly motor vehicle accidents that occur in Pennsylvania each day is influenced by where a driver lives. Generally, rural states have a higher highway death rate than urban states because rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads. These assertions are based on new federal data that looked at the number of traffic fatalities per 100,000 people and the number of highway deaths per 100 million miles driven. The report ranked states according to their highway death rate.

PennDoT provides tips to avoid motor vehicle accidents

Winters in Pennsylvania make driving difficult, especially in Western PA where steep hills and windy bends are the norm. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently released its series of annual tips to help local drivers make it across the state's soon-to-be-snowy roads without suffering a major motor vehicle accident. Some of these tips are obvious, especially the most important suggestion, which is to closely watch your speed. If you drive too fast in snowy conditions, the odds dramatically increase that you will be involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. And, as you know, it takes longer to stop your vehicle when you're traveling on snowy and icy roads. Driving too fast only reduces the amount of time you have before colliding with a stopped vehicle in front of you or another driver who may be changing lanes, etc.

Predicted rise in motor vehicle accidents as baby boomers age

The rising age of baby boomers will double the amount of drivers age 65 or older in fifteen years by the year 2030. Because older drivers have historically been involved in a significant amount of motor vehicle accidents, this could spell trouble for drivers of all ages in the upcoming future. However, this stereotype does not hold true because older drivers are bad drivers. We'll explain further later in the blog. But experts do believe the dramatic increase in older drivers will create unique challenges in driving safety and mobility for a population that may live out their golden years in suburban homes.

Carpal tunnel treatments can help Pennsylvania workers

Pennsylvania workers whose occupation requires repetitive manual tasks might develop a common, painful and sometimes very limiting condition in their wrists known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The good news for these workers is that there are multiple remedies available for both mild and severe carpal tunnel syndrome. The type of carpal tunnel treatment that is appropriate for an individual depends on the severity of his or her condition and how long the person has been experiencing symptoms. For someone who has relatively mild symptoms, resting between work that causes pain or discomfort along with applying ice packs to reduce swelling may be sufficient.

Workers' Compensation reduced by OSHA-approved Cold Stress Card

Cold winter temperatures affect residents of the state of Pennsylvania in a variety of different ways. While for many, driving is the biggest issue, for other individuals their job is impacted. There are a variety of occupations that involve working outside year-round. People who suffer injuries from the elements may want to seek the help of experienced workers' compensation attorneys who can advocate for workers who sustain injuries in extreme hot and cold conditions.

Wrongful death at the workplace

Wrongful death numbers down at workplace, number still too high. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor gave through with some great news that is good to hear among the whirlwind of injuries and negative occurrences that happen at the work place which we blog about on a day to day basis. It has now been reported that in 2013, the number of workers who were killed by a job-related death was down more than eighty deaths from last year's total of nearly 4700. This is now the fourth year in a row that wrongful death cases at worksites have dropped.

Workers' Compensation and being bitten by a dog on a smoke break

Want to know about Workers' Compensation Law? Here are some updates regarding findings of the Commonwealth Court regarding Workers' Compensation cases and course and sope of employment.

Workers' compensation for teachers

Now that school is back in session and the holidays are over, there is a huge emphasis on making sure the children are prepared for the cold months ahead. Talked about less, but no less important, is teacher safety and the safety of other types of school employees, such as custodians and grounds crew workers, who make up a significant number of workers' compensation claims filed each year in Pennsylvania. One of the most dangerous tasks performed on a daily basis at school by all types of school employees is the lifting of heavy objects. Though perhaps not the first duty that comes to mind when one thinks about what someone who works in a school might be charged with doing, it is something that pervades many different areas and types of jobs in a school setting. Lifting heavy objects is often required is several different types of settings, such as: special education, food service, custodial work, early childhood development, grounds work, maintenance, operations, and even auditorium work on and around a stage.

Preventing falls in the workplace

Pennsylvania workers should keep in mind that falls in the workplace are a serious concern. In 2009, more than 600 workers were killed in falls, and over 200,000 suffered serious injuries. While falls are particularly dangerous in the construction and medical industries, they are a concern in every type of occupation. Transportation, retail, and building maintenance and cleaning are other industries that see a high incidence of falls.

Worker dies in Pennsylvania cement tower collapse

A cement company silo in Bucks County's Bristol Township collapsed on Jan. 8, burying a worker beneath building materials and concrete powder. After initial rescue efforts proved that the worker, a 48-year-old man from Tullytown, was not likely to survive, the mission became a recovery effort. The worker's body was found on Jan. 11, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Workers' compensation for waste management employees

Waste management workers are an important component of our functioning society. When we throw away our garbage or thoughtfully recycle glass, paper and plastic, we don't often consider those who dispose of these items in a more final way. However, their attention to the items we rid ourselves of enables us to have a cleaner, more organized world.

Pennsylvania worker presumed dead after silo collapse

A 48-year-old industrial warehouse worker is presumed dead following a silo collapse in Bucks County on Jan. 7. The accident occurred shortly before midnight at the Riverside Industrial Complex located on the 7900 block of North Radcliffe Street in Bristol Township.

OSHA violations lead to workers' compensation claims

No one should have to worry about being injured on the job. Luckily, people in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania who are injured on the job through no fault of their own are eligible to file a workers' compensation claim. And despite some very biased surveys, it is unfortunately all too common for an employee to sustain work-related injuries if his or her company does not follow OSHA regulations.

Pennsylvania amusement park receives OSHA violations

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in South Whitehall Township received citations on Dec. 29 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The citations were for two violations, one of which was serious, dating back to a June 9 incident in which a teenage worker at the park collapsed due to a heat-related illness.

Work Injury Settlement for a home healthcare professional Worker

A woman was employed as an LPN home healthcare worker for approximately 7 years. Depending on her shift she could work anywhere from 50 to70 hours a week. She provides home based care for a young disabled man. Her work involves heavy lifting, turning, bathing, and ambulating - total patient care.

Does OSHA cover up workers' compensation statistics?

Since 2000, sources say that there are at least fifteen workplace deaths that are not accounted for in OSHA's fatal accident database. While the agency acknowledges that these incidents should be included, they also have no explanation for their omission. Equally curious, at least eighty workers have suffered fatalities on worksites that have been judged as "model workplaces" by OSHA. This database monitors safety issues at companies deemed worthy to implement Voluntary Protection Programs, called VPP.

LCB manager wins Workers' Compensation over Robbery

Liquor Control manager wins Workers' Compensation over Robbery.  The Tribune Review has reported that Greg Kochanowicz never expected to come face to face with a masked gun welding robber to be considered normal working conditions. Nor did he think that being duct taped to a chair and threatened with his life to be all in a days work.

Personal Injury - Winter Safety Tips-avoiding slip and fall liability

Personal Injury - Winter Safety tips and avoiding liability for slip and fall injuries: You are responsible for the well being of guests and individuals visiting your property. Weather can make your property unsafe and you potentially liable for Personal Injury. Plan safe, be protected.

Workplace injuries on the decline

Pennsylvanians may be interested to learn that a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the number of workplace injury accidents are declining in all sectors, although the rates for public workers remain significantly higher than the injury and illness rates for private employees. According to the statistics, 3 million workers suffered a work-related injury or illness in 2013, a significant decline from those injured in 2012 and one that continues a trend of decline that has lasted for the past 11 years.

Avoiding Motor Vehicle Accidents - Tips for Helpful Winter Driving

These simple tips can help you avoid Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) for driving in the winter. At Dugan & Associates Lawyers Representing Injured People: We Fight For The Check You Deserve! Follow the following tips could mean the difference in avoiding an automobile accident or not. As the weather worsens and the post holiday deep freeze starts to take hold driving can be hazardous.

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