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March 2015 Archives

OSHA discusses problems for healthcare professionals

Pennsylvania workers may know that individuals who work in health care are exposed to musculoskeletal injuries and a wide range of hazardous substances. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and some states have stepped up efforts to prevent injuries to health care workers.

Working conditions at McDonald's allegedly lead to burns

In the average McDonald's restaurant, including those in Pennsylvania, reportedly brought in a total revenue of $2.5 million each in 2013. In spite of that relatively high revenue, the fast food chain is currently going through a major legal battle. It has recently been accused of racial discrimination in a highly publicized lawsuit as well as European tax avoidance allegations.

Work Injury, The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of March 25, 1911

Work Injury history. This week marks 104 years since the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a tragedy that changed our country forever. On that horrible day, dangerous workplace conditions started a fire at a garment factory in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Within 20 minutes, 146 people were dead-almost all of them young immigrant women. America reacted with outrage. The backlash to this incident became a turning point in the history of work injury legislation and the US and global labor movements. In the ensuing decades, key labor and workplace safety laws that we now think of as obvious were first put into place. Workers' compensation laws were put on the books. The American people resolved that those young women did not die in vain.

PennDOT highlights worker deaths as road repair season opens

Officials in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, took advantage of National Work Zone Awareness Week to remind motorists of the hazards faced by road workers. The acting PennDOT secretary shared data about deaths and injuries with the media, Associated Pennsylvania Constructors, American Traffic Safety Services Organization and other roadwork companies.

Job offers in Workers' Compensation and return to work issues.

Job offers in Workers' Compensation cases. You've been hurt on the job. You've suffered a work injury. For now it seems you can't do the work that you were doing at the time of your injury. Hopefully it's temporary. You may be receiving your workers' compensation checks or you may fighting to get them. It's a stressful time. You want to get better and go back to work. You're bills may be piling up. You just want to be left alone to get your treatment so you can heal and move on. But you then receive a letter from the workers' compensation insurance carrier or your employer, A Notice of Ability to Return to Work. Or a letter scheduling an exam, a job offer, or a request for a vocational interview. What does it mean?

Workers' compensation for injuries caused by dirt, dust, and foreign substances

Pennsylvania workers might be familiar with a 2013 accident that occurred in a metal recycling plant in Hancock County, West Virginia. According to reports, the explosion has been attributed to combustible dust. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board suggests that several steps that could have prevented such an accident were not taken.

Reducing construction workplace risks in Pennsylvania

There are many risks that residential construction workers take while on the job. One of these risks involves falling, which could be heightened when working on homes that have multiple stories. For instance, a worker could fall out of an open bathroom window or through an opening in the floor. This risk may be mitigated by using fall protection equipment and following other OSHA fall safety standards.

Workers' compensation conversation between workers and employers

With so many people presently employed in Pennsylvania's manufacturing workforce, it is vital that employers have a firm grasp on all the current workers' compensation laws for the benefit of the company and the employee. Prior to the 1900s when workers' compensation laws were non-existent, workers who were injured on the job had little to no recourse in getting a negligent employer to compensate them for their accident-related losses. They were forced to sue the employer get them to take responsibility for the injuries.

Work Injury? What next? A List of Important things to know.

If you suffer a Work Injury you might be wondering what next? Well here are some basic principles to keep in mind to protect you. If you have questions you can always contact the lawyers at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People, 1-800-772-5422.

Risk of injury increases after daylight saving time change

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to learn that researchers have found a link between an increased injury rate and the time change occurring with daylight saving time. According to the research, injuries that occurred were both more numerous and more severe than those occurring at other times of the year.

Attorney's Fees in Workers' Compensation Settlements 20%

Attorney's Fees in Workers' Compensation; what you need to know. Have you seen some lawyers ads saying no fees unless recovery made. Have you seen ads saying why charge 40% when you can get 25%. And maybe You've heard Mitch Dugan by now on t.v. explaining there is no fee unless you get the money or benefits you deserve. But what does it all mean?

Personal injury suits related to workplace injuries

If you are injured at or as a result of your job in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to workers' compensation or Social Security Disability Insurance to cover lost wages and medical bills. The downside of these benefits is that they are usually capped and compliance with fairly rigid and formulaic system is required. This may limit your ability to fully recoup the losses you have suffered due to a workplace accident.

Government workplace safety agencies issue joint health alert

Pennsylvania employees may be interested in a new alert from government workplace safety agencies dealing with a common health danger in home construction. Due to the potential severity of the problems and the ease of prevention, workers and their employers should be on the lookout.

Work Injury, Hurt at Work, Lump Sum Settlements

If you have a Work Injury and/or were hurt at work and have been receiving Workers' Compensation benefits or are attempting to get work comp you may be entitled to a lump sum settlement. If you have been receiving Workers' Compensation benefits for 4 months or longer you may be entitled to a lump sum settlement. How does that work?

Workers' compensation for construction workers

Many workers in Pennsylvania strive daily to make sure that a wide range of construction projects progress effectively, efficiently and safety. Unfortunately, serious accidents can still occur despite the best efforts of multiple parties. When a worker is seriously hurt on the job, decisions regarding who is responsible can be complex

Nail guns contribute to injuries at construction sites

Nail gun injuries are common among construction workers in Pennsylvania and around the country. A publication prepared by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health offers insight into this problem and the ways in which such injuries happen. It has been estimated that nail gun injuries are responsible for approximately 37,000 visits to emergency rooms each year. A study of these incidents at residential construction sites revealed that 66 percent of injuries occur during sheathing and framing with the remainder happening while working on outdoor siding and roofs.

Workers' compensation for healthcare professionals

Health care workers in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country are watching the different Ebola cases with great interest. These employees are at a higher risk for exposure, and some argue that they do not have adequate protections or procedures in place. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health is reporting that OSHA is unable to inspect all hospitals, and they are recommending that workers be given more control over how workplace hazards are addressed.

Icy conditions cause multiple Motor Vehicle Accidents Pittsburgh

Icy conditions causing Motor Vehicle Accidents ar pile ups and crashes in and around Pittsburgh last night and this morning. Dozens of Districts are delaying school starts due to slick roads. Pittsburgh Public Schools on a two hour delay. Some townships are low on salt and mixing salt with sand or only salting hills and intersections with stop signs. 

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