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July 2015 Archives

It is not usually possible to sue over a workplace injury

In Pennsylvania, industrial accidents are more common than many people realize. Sadly, it is all too easy for accidents to occur, especially if someone in your workplace is careless or negligent. Furthermore, if there are unaddressed hazards in your work environment, or you have not been supplied with adequate safety equipment, you could be at risk of serious injuries or worse.

Traumatic brain injury and workers' compensation

Pennsylvania workers should be aware that a traumatic brain injury in the workplace is a danger no matter where they work. Falls are increasingly responsible for fatalities resulting from brain injuries and are on their way to overtaking automobile accidents as the major cause.

Not offered light duty after workers' compensation claim?

If you are off work for a workplace injury and are not able to perform the work you did in the past does your employer have a duty to offer you work if they have work available within your restrictions? And what if they choose not to offer you work even though they have modified work available can they stop your checks if all of a sudden after years of being off due to your work injury you now have suffered a non-work related injury that prevents you from doing the modified work the employer wasn't offering you in the first place?

Poor safety standards at work could put you in danger

In Pennsylvania, many workplaces are quite safe. Of course, there is always the potential for accidents and injuries to occur no matter where you are or what you are doing. However, some lines of work have a greater disposition toward this than others. Even so, you deserve to feel safe in your place of employment, regardless of your job. You should receive training regarding any likely hazards and be supplied with equipment to protect you.

Common workers' compensation terms

Know your common Workers' Compensation frequently used words. Many terms used during the course of a workers' compensation case can be confusing or difficult to understand. Some terms don't have the typical meaning one may associate with the word. Here are a few.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

For many workers in Pennsylvania, the prospect of being kept off work for a prolonged period as the consequence of an injury is a daunting one. It can be hard enough to cover medical bills, without the worry of decreased income. The loss of wages resulting from missed work can even make it difficult to keep on top of daily living expenses, leaving you and your family seriously out of pocket. Fortunately, compensation laws mean that you may be entitled to some support during your recovery.

When should I apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

People frequently ask when is the time to apply for Social Security Disability. There are some simple considerations to keep in mind before considering toapply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Workers' compensation in PA

Workers in the state of Pennsylvania can suffer workplace injuries in a couple of ways. While a specific incident is often to blame, in other situations the injury is the result of exposure to certain things over a period of time. An example of this is the loss of hearing. Those who lose their hearing because of the work they do may have a workers' compensation claim against their employer.

Be aware of heat stress at work

Many employees in Pennsylvania endure difficult or stressful working conditions for one reason or another. Some jobs simply come with hazards, but this does not mean that you should feel unsafe in your place of work. Your employer is obliged to provide you with training in managing these hazards and the necessary safety equipment to protect you from harm. Unfortunately, countless workers are still injured or made ill by their working conditions every year.

Miner dies in Pennsylvania accident

Working in an unsafe environment is an extremely unpleasant and unsettling experience. You do your best to fulfill the requirements of your position, yet you may be constantly burdened by the worry that you or one of your colleagues could be injured at any time. Some jobs come with risks, but your employer is obliged to provide you with safety equipment and training to protect you from such hazards.

Personal injury at sporting events

NASCAR fans throughout the country were excited to watch one of the sport's biggest races of the year which took place this past weekend. The Coke Zero 400 was the main event last weekend, but there are other races surrounding that event that draw many to the area. One of those events was a second-tier race that took place at the Daytona International Speedway, the evening before.

Construction injuries can turn your life upside-down

Construction workers in Pennsylvania know that their job can at times be dangerous. You may need to scale tall scaffolding, operate heavy machinery or use tools that can cause serious injuries. You may also have to move through areas where there is a risk of having heavy objects fall onto you. Of course, there should be extensive safety measures in place to prevent any of these things from occurring, but sadly, accidents can still happen, no matter how careful you are.

Workers' Compensation for contractors & subcontractors.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed the definition of who can be considered a "statutory" employer responsible for workers suffering Workers' Compensation Accidents or Injuries in PA. 

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