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Does workers' compensation end upon returning to work?

Relying on workers' compensation can be unsettling. If you are receiving these payments, it is because you were injured seriously enough at work to prevent or inhibit your ability to do your job. That is a serious matter to contend with. It can be equally unnerving to return to work but not able to completely do your old job. This begs the question, what happens to those payments if you go back to work?

Your employer must adhere to duties for workers' compensation

The construction work is physically demanding. What's more, there are a whole host of hazards that could cause injuries. For example, it is all too easy for a worker to injure his or her back when attempting to lift an object. Likewise, a worker could be hurt when working with heavy machinery or even be struck by a tool or debris that falls from a scaffold. When a worker is injured, money to cover medical and other expenses is extremely important.

Workers' compensation for people who protect us

The Workers' Compensation Act and the Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act covers state police, enforcement officers, investigators, parole agents, correction employees, psychiatric security aides, drug enforcement agents, policemen, firemen, park guards, sheriffs, and deputy sheriffs.

Your Pennsylvania social security disability questions are answered

Social Security Disability pays money for people who can't work due to various factors. If you or a loved one has a condition or injury that is affecting yours or their ability to work you may have a lot of questions about disability benefits. There are two types of programs for Social Security Disability - SSDI or SSI. What is the difference between SSDI-Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI-Supplemental Security Income. 

How does OSHA define a recordable work illness?

An illness is considered, by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, to be related to work if exposure to it, while at work, caused or contributed to your illness or resulting condition. This is also true if the exposure significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition or illness. However, it isn't enough for you to be exposed while at work, it must also manifest in a physical symptom. It is important to bear in mind that not every sickness is caused by work. You must be able to establish a link between your work, your illness and your incapacity from that illness.

Pros and cons of lump sum settlements

A settlement is money given by the defendant, or their insurance company, in exchange for the plaintiff's agreement to refrain from pursuing any legal claims against said defendant. A settlement can be either a lump sum or a structured settlement. A lump sum settlement is when you receive the money all at once in a single payment. A structured settlement is made up of regular payments over a period of time.

OSHA is not the only government safety board

Many people recognize the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as the overarching federal agency that ensures minimum work safety standards are maintained. It has a multitude of tools to enforce its mandate and to protect worker safety. However, the states also have their own local safety and health agencies tailored to each state's specific needs.

Recall of 1.7 million Drill Master Drills

Not all injuries are the result of poor safety procedures or inattention by someone on your team. Sometimes it is because the tool or equipment you are using is defective. A defective tool can be a poorly assembled scaffold that bends under your weight, and it can be a crane that snaps and drops a load onto the site below. It can even be a cordless drill.

Western Pennsylvania workers' compensation, personal injury, and social security disability law firm

We handle workers' compensation cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. We also handle personal injury, accident cases, and social security disability claims. Let our Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys help you and we will fight for the check you deserve.

Is your employer fighting your workers' compensation claim

It's likely you will need an attorney for your workers' compensation claims. Whether your work injury was accepted or denied there are many reasons you should get a workers' compensation attorney. You have a lot to lose and there is no fee unless we get you the money or benefits you deserve. This article will focus on denied claims. Our attorneys handle and focus on accepted and denied workers' compensation cases.

Workers' compensation and the statute of limitations

In most areas of Workers' Compensation law there are time limits. Limits in when an injury must be reported. Limits in time for when a case may be filed. Time limits in filing this paper or that paper with the court. And what happens if you don't follow the time limits? Your case may be thrown out.The legal world of Workers' Compensation injuries has many different time limits. What follows is one of the very basic time limits in Workers' Compensation.

Taking safety precautions can prevent falls from scaffolds

People are most alert when they are engaging in an activity that is unfamiliar. Sometimes it means driving in a city in which you are a tourist and other times it is when you are starting a new job. However, inevitably, people start to become comfortable and are less alert and observant. Usually, this is not a problem because people are confronted by the same scenarios most days. However, this lapse in safety and alertness is how injuries result on construction sites.

Getting recovery for a workplace illness

Despite all of the advances in worker safety and technology, certain jobs remain perilous. Construction sites, industrial and mining work all inevitably expose people to injury and illness. Usually, if you are injured while on the job you can get financial assistance through your employer's workers' compensation insurance company. But what happens if you don't know you're injured or more specifically sick?

Timetable for workers' compensation claims

There are many different types of time limits and different types of legal scenarios in injury law and that also holds true for work injuries. However, generally speaking, when it comes to wage loss benefits there are two basic types of calls we may get-those who need/want to get on workers' compensation wage loss benefits, and those who are on benefits and the workers' compensation insurance carrier is attempting to terminate, suspend, stop, reduce or modify there indemnity weekly or biweekly checks. 

Health care employees beware: Your workplace is uniquely dangerous

Did you know that if you work at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center or another health care facility, your workplace is one of the most hazardous in the country? The number of work-related injuries and illnesses among hospital employees and health care workers trump those in the vast majority of other industries nationwide, the CDC reports.

Were you hurt on the job and forced to go back to work?

If you suffered a work injury and were hurt on the job you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Generally, workers compensation pays a portion of your lost wages due to your work injury and medical expenses for reasonable and necessary treatment for your work injury. But sometimes your benefits may be at risk in situations where you feel you are being forced back to work. 

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