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Car Accident Injuries 

Car Accident and Full Tort and Limited Tort. If you are in an car accident due to the negligence of a nother driver and suffer injuries the type of insurance policy you have determines what you can collect. It doesn't matter what company you have your automobile insurance under either. Basically we are talking about coverage. What gets paid.

At Dugan & Associates we handle car accident cases and attorney Mitch Dugan and his team of attorneys and staff are familiar with these cases if you suffer an injury.

Typically your own policy has a page which has all the important numbers on it. It may be 2 pages. It's typically called the Declarations Page. It will list how much medical insurance coverage (Personal Injury Protection) your auto insurance carrier will pay, how much you may get for repair or replacement of your vehicle, whether you get rental insurance and lost wages.

The primary difference between Full Tort and Limited Tort is what you can 'go after' for money for your pain and suffering for the injuries caused to you by the negligence of another driver. Think of it as your ticket to collect so to speak.

Everyone is looking at your policy to see if you have Full Tort or Limited Tort. Not the other sides. The other sides policy may determine how much you possibly can get.

If you have Limited Tort you are extremely limited in whether you can collect any money if at all. There are a few limited exceptions: The biggest and most important exception is if you have a serious injury such as a serious impairment of a major bodily function or permanent injury. Another is if you were injured due to the negligence of a driver in an out of state registered vehicle. Or was the person that hit you driving under the influence Or were you were injured as a passenger in a commercial vehicle. Were you a pedestrian or cyclist. Or if the other person has no insurance.

If you have Full Tort you are not limited to how bad you are hurt to collect for your pain and suffering.

One reason people opt for Limite Tort as opposed to Full Tort is because the insurance premiums are less. But we recommend to all our clients, friends and family that they choose the Full Tort option. 

If you or a loved one has questions about Limited Tort and Full Tort contact the Lawyers at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People. We Fight for the Check You Deserve! 1-888-993-8426 (1-888-99-D-U-G-A-N.

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