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May 2016 Archives

Pennsylvania's statute of limitations for workers' comp

Nearly every facet of the law has some kind of statute of limitations, and workers' compensation benefits are no exception. Statutes of limitations exist for many reasons, but one of the most important is to maintain the integrity of evidence. Evidence can come in the form of witness testimony, photographs, physical injuries and much more, and it is possibly the most important aspect of any case. Evidence is important for workers' compensation cases in order for injured workers to prove the extent of their injuries and the circumstances under which they were suffered.

How does Pennsylvania treat workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is one of the most important benefits of any job, both for employers and employees. For employees, it is important because it ensures that they will not be abandoned by their employer and left financially destitute if they suffer an injury on the job. For employers, it encourages employees to give 100%, safe in the knowledge that they will be taken care of.

Social Security Disability - May is American Stroke Month-F.A.S.T.

Social Security Disability. May is American Stroke Month. Unfortunately many people find out too late when someone is having the symptoms of a stroke. We see it too often at Dugan & Associates as we help people get Social Security Disability Benefits for people who are disabled whether from a stroke or other conditions. The American Heart Association / The American Stroke Association want you to know how to spot a stroke. We want to help get the work out. They have come up with a simple way to spot the symptoms of a stroke

Construction workers injured while reviewing bridge

When one thinks of dangerous, high-risk jobs, construction work often comes to mind. The nature of the job requires consistent work around heavy machines and extreme heights wherein the slightest accident could cause catastrophic or even fatal injury. However, heavy machinery and heights are not the only dangers that construction workers face. Depending on the circumstances, you may be at risk of a motor vehicle injury as well.

On-the-job head injuries may be difficult to detect

In any job, there is a chance that you might suffer an injury of some kind. The good news is that workers' compensation benefits often allow injured workers to remain relatively financially stable as they recover from their injury. The bad news is that insurance companies will often only pay the amount of compensation that they believe the injured worker deserves based on the extent of the injuries, so if some injuries are overlooked or underestimated, the financial ramifications could be disastrous.

Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlements

Are you interested in a possible Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlement? In Pennsylvania if you suffer a work injury or were hurt on the job you are entitled to payment of lost wage workers compensation payments and payment of medical expenses for treatment of your work related injury. So what is a workers' compensation settlement, or lump sum settlement? What does that mean when attorneys say a lump settlement of your workmens compensation case may be right for you.

Entrenched in danger, excavation site violations pose real risk

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is likely not an unheard of entity to you if you have worked in the construction sector in the last 45 years or so. The organization has been on-site to evaluate safety measures and precautions taken to ensure the protection of construction and industrial workers and can issue violations for companies failing to do so. Part of the job is investigating after accidents as well. The administration currently utilizes monetary fines and public statements intended to shame the companies that are not providing adequate precaution.

Did working at my job cause beryllium pneumonosis?

Beryllium is a metal poisoning that affects your lungs and comes in two forms. The acute version comes on quickly, with pneumonosis, or inflammation of the lungs, and is highly treatable and has a relatively good prognosis for recovery. However, if the correct treatment is not promptly provided, the effects could become life-threatening. Moreover, the chronic form of beryllium disease can occur slowly over time and lead to multiple complications. These complications can be life altering and even deadly. The symptoms can take a few months to begin showing up or can even take years before appearing. Neither acute nor chronic beryllium is common, and beryllium disease is thought to affect only between 1 and 6 percent of those workers exposed to it.

The dangers of asphalt fumes

Asphalt doesn't exactly scream danger or potential workplace illness, however, the fumes emitted from it can be very dangerous. Asphalt is a petroleum product which, if not settled properly, can catch fire. It can cause skin irritation, lung irritation and burns. In short, it should be handled carefully and with proper safety equipment and training. This article will go over the dangers of asphalt and how best to protect yourself.

What is different between workers' compensation and disability?

Industrial work and heavy machinery while much safer than ever, is still incredibly dangerous. One mistake or lax in attention and you could be seriously injured. Luckily there are numerous programs to assist you if you are injured and/or unable to work. This article will discuss the various programs and how they may assist you if you are injured and unable to work.

Questions to consider before accepting a lump sum payment

If you've been injured at work, dealing with your injuries is just the beginning of your struggles as you try to redefine some kind of normalcy in your home. Chances are there may be a part of you that just wants things to be as simple as possible, and that can make just about any settlement offered look appealing. However, simply taking a lump sum payment isn't necessarily the best choice. There are several questions to ask yourself before accepting this kind of payment.

Work Injury Hurt at Work Lump Sum Settlements

If you suffer a Work Injury and were hurt at work you may be entitled to a Lump Sum Settlement. Here is some basic information to know. If you have questions or concerns about what your case is worth or how much of a Lump Sum Settlement you can get in a Workers' Compensation case contact the work injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People. 

Workers' Compensation Information you need

Getting paid Workers' Compensation. It seems simple. You get hurt at work, see a doctor who says you can't do the job you were doing for now, you should get paid. Unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. Here are some basic information you need to know if you get hurt and have a Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation injury.

The danger of working in confined spaces

Construction sites are full of dangers from exposed wiring, dangerous gas build-ups to heavy equipment and even confined spaces. Confined spaces may not seem dangerous at first blush. However, that extreme constriction of movement can be incredibly dangerous on a construction site where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. This article will go over those dangers and how you might be able to avoid them.

National Safety Stand-Down

The National Safety Stand-Down is a weeklong program dedicated to educating workers and contractors about proper construction site safety. Falls account for the largest percentage of construction worker fatalities, taking 647 lives in 2014. Tragically, falls are also among the easiest to prevent with proper safety equipment and training. This article follows the story from the Director of the Philadelphia Area Office of OSHA as they go out on a call to a three-story apartment complex construction site.

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