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January 2018 Archives

5 killed in oil rig blast: Industrial accident

For many people in the United States and across the world, natural gas is an important part of their everyday lives. However, like with all necessities, workers in Pennsylvania and across the country whose job it is to obtain them could face the potential for harm in an industrial accident. Unfortunately, reports indicate that workers were recently killed in an explosion on a natural gas rig.

Wrongful death suit settled out of court

Employees in Pennsylvania and across the country face many hazards in the workplace. However, most employers work hard to ensure that workers are fully aware of these hazards as well as provide appropriate tools to avoid and protect them. When an employer fails to do so, they could face a wrongful death lawsuit should a fatal accident occur as a result.

Workplace accidents: Man flown to hospital

While all workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country hold some degree of risk, those who work with machinery can easily suffer a serious injury. Regardless of the safety measures that are in place and the desire of employees to avoid injury, some workers can still fall victim to workplace accidents. Unfortunately, a Pennsylvania man recently injured his arm at work.

Police officer suffers work-related injuries in crash

Most people are aware that police officers often place their lives in harm's way to protect those that they were hired to serve. However, many in Pennsylvania are unaware that even when officers perform tasks that seem relatively mundane -- such as assisting a vehicle stopped near the road -- they could face serious harm due to work-related injuries. Reports indicate that an officer in another state suffered serious injuries following a recent crash involving a suspected drunk driver.

Workplace accidents: Forklift operator killed

Health and safety standards are in place in workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country. While some workers may not diligently follow safety rules, most employees work hard to prevent workplace accidents, to protect their personal safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Despite one man's efforts to stay safe, he was recently killed in an industrial accident in another state.

Man killed in industrial accident

There are many potential hazards that employees in Pennsylvania face in an industrial setting. While most employers work hard to ensure that workers are properly informed about and protected from these hazards, an industrial accident can still occur. Unfortunately, a man in another state has recently died as a result of such an incident.

Pennsylvania firefighter suffers fatal work-related injuries

Most people in Pennsylvania are aware of the danger that firefighters face as they complete their job responsibilities and fight to protect the safety of others. Unfortunately, those dangers have recently been realized after a firefighter lost his life due to work\-related injuries. Two other firefighters were treated for injuries suffered while fighting the same fire.

Driverless Car Technology: What You Need to Know

app-2941689_960_720.jpgA few years ago, self-driving cars were essentially science fiction. However, they're a real concept now--and they're already on the roads. Driverless car technology is advancing at a rapid pace, which means most of us have probably missed a few key developments if we haven't been keeping up lately. Check out these four facts to help bring your driverless car knowledge back up to speed:

Workplace accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured while loading salt

During the winter, many people in Pennsylvania often grumble about bad weather conditions. However, most may be unaware that workers often put in a great deal of time and energy into ensuring that the roads are safe during a winter emergency, potentially placing themselves at risk of being involved in workplace accidents. Unfortunately, a worker in another state has recently lost his life as part of the preparations that go into planning for a snow or ice emergency.

Police officer dies from work-related injuries

For many people in Pennsylvania and across the United States, December is a time filled with food, family and celebrations. Because alcohol can flow at social events, it is imperative that anyone who consumes alcohol does not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, the death of a police officer in another state appears to underscore the dangers of drunken driving after he lost his life due to work\-related injuries.

Dangerous Driving Mistakes Teens Make

person-woman-smartphone-car.jpgDid you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 20? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,886 drivers aged 15-20 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015, and statistics say teens are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash than adults. To protect teen drivers, we've compiled a list of the most common mistakes new drivers make, and how to prevent them.

Pennsylvania industrial accident sends worker to hospital

Many employers in Pennsylvania often work hard to protect their workers. Measures to ensure personal safety include ensuring that workers are educated about workplace risks as well as providing appropriate protective gear. Unfortunately, other aspects of an environment, such as the structural integrity of steps and other physical features of a workplace, can ultimately result in an industrial accident.

Martin Colavincenzo: Honesty and Making a Difference

1086576_1.jpgMartin Colavincenzo has been an attorney at Dugan & Associates since 2004, specializing in workers compensation and social security disability. A Pittsburgh native and Duquesne University graduate--both undergraduate and law-- Colavincenzo took a unique path to workers compensation.

Workplace accidents: 2 hospitalized after Pennsylvania accident

Any occupation holds some degree of risk. However, tasks that involve the use of heavy machinery can easily result in workplace accidents that send workers to the hospital with significant injuries. For example, two workers in Pennsylvania were recently hospitalized following an incident at a ski resort.

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