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June 2018 Archives

Man suffers fatal fall in job site accident

Those who work in the field of construction in Pennsylvania and across the country face multiple, and often unique, risks. As many work at great heights, they could face the risk of a fall. In fact, a man in another state recently passed away after he reportedly fell from a ladder at a job site.

Fatal industrial accident under investigation

Employers and workers in Pennsylvania and across the country often go to great lengths to implement and follow all recommended safety and health precautions. Unfortunately, an industrial accident can happen in even the safest of environments, leaving victims and their loved ones coping with the consequences. A family in another state now must face life without their family member after he was involved in a workplace accident.

Common Construction Work Injuries and Illnesses

construction-worker-danger-safety-8159 (1).jpg
If you work in the construction industry, chances are you or someone you know someone has been injured on the job. Between the heavy machinery, power tools, and various other hazards, it's no wonder construction is often one of the most injury-prone industries.

Fatigue risks for commercial truck drivers

Everyone has an internal clock that causes the body to prepare for sleep at night, and in most people, it slows alertness down at siesta time in the early afternoon. Those are the times at which commercial truck drivers in Pennsylvania and other states put their lives on the line if they do not get enough sleep. Denying their bodies the necessary rest causes a sleep debt that could lead to fatigue and falling asleep while driving -- even microsleeps for seconds at a time can be fatal.

Occupational disease: Work-related asthma affects many employees

Many workers in Pennsylvania contract work-related asthma that could leave them disabled and unable to work, or necessitates a change in employment to get away from the substances that are to blame. This is an occupational disease that can exacerbate the conditions of workers who have existing asthmatic conditions, or it can develop in a perfectly healthy employee. Employees in any industry that exposes them to irritants or allergens can fall victim to occupational asthma.

Brother of industrial accident victim explains what happened

Many families in Pennsylvania are close-knit. Some family members even choose to work together. Unfortunately, one man in another state details how his brother was recently killed in an industrial accident while they worked together.

Search underway for worker's body following construction accident

Many people in Pennsylvania are highly skilled at the jobs they are tasked to perform. Unfortunately, unexpected conditions can often leave workers facing unsafe incidents, regardless of their level of expertise. Unfortunately, a construction accident at an international airport in another state has resulted in a mission to recover a worker's body.

Severed hydraulic line factor in fatal workplace accident

All workplaces in Pennsylvania and across the country hold risks for workers regardless of the type of employment. In many cases, employers and workers are aware of certain risks and take certain precautions to protect themselves and others. Unfortunately, a fatal workplace accident can stem from unexpected hazards, making it difficult for employees to anticipate them.

Man suffers fatal work-related injuries in landscaping accident

No workplace in Pennsylvania or other area of the country is completely devoid of risk to employees. While certain measures can be put in place to protect workers, they cannot all be eliminated, especially in high-risk occupations. In fact, a man in another state recently suffered fatal work-related injuries while trimming trees which the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs.

Man killed in industrial accident at power plant

Employers often understand the potential for a workplace accident and the serious harm that one can cause. As a result, they teach their employees the importance of safety and provide them with appropriate gear to keep them safe. Unfortunately, unexpected events in a workplace in Pennsylvania and across the country can occur, leaving workers at risk. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life in an industrial accident.

Workplace accidents: Man killed in front-end loader accident

Many occupations in Pennsylvania require an employee to perform the same or relatively similar tasks every day. While these tasks can become second nature, there are still risks associated with them that could lead to workplace accidents. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a man in another state recently lost his life in an accident involving a front-end loader.

Man suffers fatal work-related injuries after becoming trapped

There are many safe workers in Pennsylvania who always follow safety recommendations. Unfortunately, even safe workers can be involved in a workplace accident when unexpected events happen. For example, officials in another state claim that a man working at an industrial laundry company suffered fatal work-related injuries.

Fatal workplace accident under investigation

Many people in Pennsylvania and across the country may take electricity for granted. Until power goes off, it is something that is simply there that makes their lives so much easier. Additionally, some people are unaware of the potential harm that electricity can cause, especially for those who work around power lines, for example. Unfortunately, electricity is believed to have been the force behind a recent fatal workplace accident in another state.

Work-related injuries prove fatal following fall

Some jobs in Pennsylvania require workers to spend a great deal of time working on a ladder. While this may seem relatively innocuous -- especially for someone accustomed to working at great heights -- there is a potential for suffering serious work-related injuries in a fall. In fact, a recent incident in another state exemplifies the dangers these workers face.

Workplace accidents: Woman suffers head injury in fall

All workplaces hold some degree of risk. While most people are aware of the potential of being involved in workplace accidents, many in Pennsylvania may not fully understand the physical and financial harm they can create. In fact, a woman in another state recently suffered injuries during a fall at work.

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