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July 2018 Archives

Pennsylvania construction accident remains under investigation

Because there are multiple known hazards in the workplace, efforts are often made to protect employee safety. In fact, organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration put rules in place in an attempt to reduce the number of workplace accidents. Unfortunately, such precautions are not always enough to stop a construction accident from happening in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Workplace accidents: Postal worker's death under investigation

All occupations in Pennsylvania and across the country hold some degree of risk. A person who has a job that would normally be considered relatively safe from workplace accidents during the majority of the year could face additional risks during the summer when temperatures soar. In fact, a recent incident in another state is under investigation after a postal worker was discovered deceased in her mail truck.

Workers' Compensation and Parking Lot Injuries

Whether it's an unsalted icy surface, a deep pothole in the pavement or a reckless speeding driver, parking lots - yes, parking lots - can be a lot more treacherous than they appear when it pertains to work-related injuries. Typically, an injury sustained while walking to and from your car didn't actually occur while you were on the clock inside your place of employment, but it can still qualify for compensation benefits under certain circumstances.

Fatal industrial accident remains under investigation

Employees in all industries in Pennsylvania and across the country work hard to observe all safety regulations. They do so to ensure both their personal safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Despite these efforts, however, an industrial accident can still occur.

1 killed, 1 injured in out-of-state industrial accident

Regardless of the job, all occupations in Pennsylvania and across the country hold some degree of risk. Though measures can be taken to protect worker safety, an industrial accident can still occur. Unfortunately, an accident in another state that killed one person and seriously injured another likely remains under investigation.

How the Military Affairs Council of Western PA Makes Pittsburgh Better for Our Nation's Heroes

Thumbnail image for aeroplane-aircraft-airplane-54098 (1).jpg
If you're a veteran in the Pittsburgh area, you're in good company. The region boasts the fourth-highest veteran population in the United States, with the Center for New American Security (CNAS) estimating that 235,000 current and former service members currently call the area home. Even though there are a whopping seven military bases in Western Pennsylvania, none of them are active duty, which means they receive less attention and financial support from the government than their active duty counterparts.

Woman suffers fatal work-related injuries in building crash

All jobs have many known risks associated with them. Often, employees are trained on how to appropriately protect themselves from risks that can be prevented. Unfortunately, certain things can arise in a workplace that cannot be anticipated. For example, a Pennsylvania service station employee recently passed away after a car accident that caused a fire, resulting in work-related injuries.

High Risk of Work Injuries in Allegheny County: 3 Keys to Staying Safe

Pittsburgh is known for the Pittsburgh Steelers, its record number of bridges, and its obsession with pierogies. But did you know that the Steel City and the rest of Allegheny County is also known for workplace injuries? We recently discussed how Allegheny County had the most documented injuries out of all Pennsylvania counties in 2017, and what the risk factors are associated with the two most common injuries. Here, we will cover sprain and strain prevention in the workplace. Read on to learn more about how you can avoid getting hurt while on the job:

High Risk of Work Injuries in Allegheny County: 6 Factors to Beware

Know which Pennsylvania county recorded the highest number of documented work-related injuries in 2017? It was our own Allegheny County, according to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. In fact, Allegheny County made up eight percent (15,259 in total) of reported work-related injuries in Pennsylvania.

Lineman victim of electrocution; investigation underway

When a storm comes through an area, some people may experience power outages. For many in Pennsylvania, this is an inconvenience. However, while some people worry about the television shows they are missing or the work they could be doing, there are workers who put their lives in danger while attempting to restore power efficiently. In fact, a recent death, believed to have been caused by electrocution, demonstrates the potential dangers these workers face.

Workplace accidents: Fatal incident under investigation

No matter how many safety precautions workers in Pennsylvania and across the country may choose to take, they may still be risk of being seriously injured -- possibly even killed. In fact, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to ensure that workers and their families are protected following workplace accidents. A family in another state may qualify for such protection after a recent accident took a man's life.

OSHA investigates fatal workplace accident

The vast majority of employers in Pennsylvania and across the country are dedicated to protecting the safety of their workers. In fact, one company with a facility in a neighboring state reportedly starts each shift with discussing safety issues with employees and provides training that is specific to each employee's role. However, despite these efforts, accidents can still happen as demonstrated by a recent fatal workplace accident at that company.

City plumber suffers fatal work-related injuries

Regardless of a one's occupation in Pennsylvania, a worker is likely aware of the most typical hazards that a particular job entails. Unfortunately, there are certain incidents that simply cannot be anticipated. For example, a worker in another state recently suffered fatal work-related injuries in an accident that some reports describe as "horrific."

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