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Work Injury Archives

Industry Injuries: Risks in the Service Industry

If you or someone you know works in the service industry, the reality exists that restaurant employees are susceptible to on-the-job injuries every day they show up to work. When you eat out at a restaurant, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes in order to provide the best service possible before, during and after your meal. And, more often than not, it can put employees at risk for getting hurt.

A Guide to Medical Imaging: X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs

Webp.net-resizeimage (5).jpgIf you've ever watched a good legal drama, you know that any legitimate claim is supported by good evidence. And when it comes to personal injury claims, medical evidence is the most important kind. Medical imaging, such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays, is a powerful tool in the presentation of personal injury cases; the images taken can prove just how serious or debilitating the injuries have been for the person who suffered them.

4 workplace injuries that peak in the summer

Facing a serious injury is always difficult, even if you will be able to count on financial assistance through workers' compensation benefits. When it comes to the summer months, there are many dangers that increase the risk of on-the-job injuries. Some seasonal risks are related to the weather and others are not, however, these are the four injuries that arise the most during the summer season and represent the greatest danger to workers.

Work Injury Hurt at Work Lump Sum Settlements

If you suffer a Work Injury and were hurt at work you may be entitled to a Lump Sum Settlement. Here is some basic information to know. If you have questions or concerns about what your case is worth or how much of a Lump Sum Settlement you can get in a Workers' Compensation case contact the work injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People. 

Work Injury some terms and rules to know

Suffer a Work Injury? You'd think if you got hurt at work your employer and their insurance company would want you to get treated as quickly as possible so you can get better and can come back to work. They'd pay for your time off and pay for your medical treatment. Some times it happens that way and some times it doesn't. And if they do pay you they are always checking on how you are doing in hopes the workers' compensation insurance carrier can cut their losses and get you off workers compensation. Whether you suffered a work related injury and aren't getting paid or you suffered a work injury and are getting paid here are some basic terms and rules to know.

Hurt at Work, Work Injury, Workers' Compensation Now What

Get Hurt at Work and suffer a Work Injury and you think you're supposed to get Workers' Compensation. Rarely anymore does it feel like things go like they should. That's where attorney Mitch Dugan and his team of staff and attorneys at Dugan & Associates come in. There are two basic scenarios to keep in mind with a Work Injury that we see frequently. 1. Get hurt work and they won't pay or 2. Get hurt at work and you get paid for a time and now they don't want to pay. At our office there is No fee unless you get the money or benefits you deserve.

Hurt at Work Injury Lump Sum Settlements

Have a Work Injury? Hurt at Work? Interested in a Lump Sum Settlement? At Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People, Mitch Dugan and his team of attorneys and staff work hard to bring your case to a quick and efficient resolution to get as much as they can as fast as they can to help you move on with your life. If your case doesn't settle for one reason or another they know the system, they know the law, they have experience and will fight hard to get you the money and result you deserve. They Get Results? That's why if you suffer a work injury Mitch Dugan says "We fight for the check you deserve!"

Work Injury Best Lawyer Workers' Compensation

Best Lawyer Work Injury contact Dugan & Associates. Attorney Mitch Dugan of Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People, has been named as Best Lawyer from Best Lawyers inc. A Separate Wholly independent company that evaluates attorneys through a meticulous verification process. If you are hurt in an accident, injured in a car accident, suffer a work injury, or have questions about workers' compensation contact Mitch Dugan of Dugan and Associates. He has the experience and he gets results. Let him get to work for you and put he and his team of attorneys and staff on your side.

Seeking wage-loss benefits? Avoid these four mistakes.

After a serious work-related injury or illness, you will likely be unable to return to your job for a considerable length of time. During the time you are unable to work, you can apply for wage-loss benefits. These are some of the many benefits available through the workers' compensation insurance policy that your employer carries. With the help of these regular checks, you can continue to pay your household bills while you recover from your injuries.

Reasons you might need a workers' compensation attorney

Work Injury, work injury reasons to hire a lawyer. At Dugan & Associates we've handled thousands of work injury cases. We get results. Here are just a few reasons to contact a workers' compensation lawyer:

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