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Pennsylvania crash causes work-related injuries

A great deal of thought and effort is put into ensuring that school buses are as safe as possible. However, accidents still happen, placing the lives of bus drivers and students at risk. For example, a bus driver in Pennsylvania recently suffered fatal work\-related injuries after the bus she was driving was struck by a commercial vehicle.

The accident happened one morning on a day in April. A 54-year-old bus driver reportedly attempted to stop to pick up a teenager. Although reports indicate that she had activated the bus's warning lights when she slowed, the bus was struck in the rear by a tri-axle truck.

Officials investigate fatal workplace accident

Although most employers go to great lengths to ensure that workers remain safe as they complete their work responsibilities, employees can still become injured. As a result, Pennsylvania requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to their employees. One out-of-state family may qualify for these benefits after a recent fatal workplace accident.

The incident happened at a construction company called SteelSummit. According to reports, a 46-year-old man was trapped under a steel coil that fell at the business. The coil reportedly weighted 30,000 pounds.

Delivery truck driver pinned by truck

People who spend a great deal of time traveling on the Pennsylvania roadways likely know of the risks that they face. A delivery truck driver may know of the possibility of becoming involved in a car accident, for example. However, those who are responsible for delivering large items may face additional risks as they load and unload their trucks. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man recently lost his life while doing so.

The accident happened one day in mid-April. According to reports, the 56-year-old victim worked as a truck driver for Heritage Transport. He had been delivering shipping containers to an industrial park that day. After his wife was unable to contact him, she called his employer who contacted police

Fatal workplace accident under investigation

Certain occupations or work-related tasks require that additional safety measures are in place in order to ensure employee safety. Despite these measures, however, workers in Pennsylvania and across the country continue to experience injuries at work. Unfortunately, investigators in another state are working to fully understand a recent fatal workplace accident.

The accident reportedly happened at a construction site one morning on a day in early April. A 73-year-old man was using a front-end loader to move heavy equipment at a work site. Although another employee was directing him, neither of them reportedly saw two workers standing nearby. Unfortunately, the operator of the front-end loader allegedly lowered a set of wheels and a large tire onto them.

Construction worker suffers head trauma in workplace accident

Working in the field of construction has many hazards. Workers in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country can suffer from falls or injuries suffered from the use of heavy machinery, for example. While most workers strive to ensure that their actions do not jeopardize their personal safety or the safety of others, a construction accident can still occur. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man passed away after suffering head trauma on a construction site.

The victim was reportedly working on the construction of a bridge on a day in March. According to reports, he was an employee of Wright Brothers Construction. Reports indicate that he was attempting to take apart a screed when it fell off its rails.

Concussions: diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment

Any type of brain injury is one that requires your immediate attention. If you leave a concussion untreated, for example, it could cause you a variety of problems in both the short and long term.

Generally speaking, a concussion happens when you suffer a blow to your head. For example, this could happen if you work in the construction industry and a heavy object falls on your head from a roof.

Teenager severely injured in industrial accident

When working in an industrial setting in Pennsylvania, employees are often expected to fulfill a variety of different tasks. Some of these tasks could potentially result in an industrial accident. Such appears to be the case in a recent incident that occurred in another state and resulted in severe injuries to a teenager.

The teenager was working with a group of workers on a mobile conveyor belt at a metal fabrication business. According to witnesses, workers were attempting to repair the conveyor belt one morning on a day in March. They heated part of the metal to straighten a bent section of the framework.

Man killed in Pennsylvania construction site accident

When working with heavy equipment, workers in Pennsylvania and across the country face the possibility of a work-related incident that will leave them facing serious injuries. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case following a recent construction site accident. Officials are still investigating the incident that resulted in the loss of a life.

The accident happened one afternoon on a day in late March. Reports indicate that the 35-year-old deceased victim was working with a co-worker at an old mall that was under construction. Specifically, they were attempting to relocate a safe deposit box that was inside a bank.

Fatal construction accident remains under investigation

While all jobs hold the risk of injury, construction workers in Pennsylvania and across the country face significant risks in almost all aspects of their work. Defective equipment, falling objects or a fall can become a life-changing event for many workers and their families. Unfortunately, investigators in another state are working to fully understand a recent construction accident that resulted in the loss of a life.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in March. Workers were at a project, ran by Brunelli Construction, demolishing a bridge. Unfortunately, police received a call regarding an overturned excavator.

Workplace accidents: Man killed in elevator

There are many important jobs that must be completed to keep a hospital in Pennsylvania running smoothly, including ensuring that equipment just as elevators are working properly in administrative offices. As with all job-related tasks, such maintenance holds a degree of risk related to workplace accidents. Unfortunately, officials in another state say that one man lost his life while servicing an elevator.

The incident happened early one morning on a day in February. According to reports, the 60-year-old worker had been in and out of the elevator shaft multiple times that morning. However, people who were riding the elevator claim that they heard a knocking and grinding sound before the elevator became stuck between the ground and first floors.

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