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Pittsburgh Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Sub-contractors have rights too

Construction projects are composed of varying levels of supervisory capacity. At the very top is the owner of the building or land that hired everyone. Beneath that person is the general contractor hired to manage the construction of the site itself. Beneath the general contractor come the various sub-contractors. Some of them will be large, like soil grading companies and others will be small one-man operations like electricians or forklift operators.

Workers' compensation covers those in industrial job sector

Pittsburgh remains a very industrial town. The Rust Belt may be in decline, but manufacturing remains a robust part of the Pittsburgh economy, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. All of this rosy economic data are great, however, this also means that industrial and factory accidents will remain a part of Pittsburgh's future for the time being.

What type of injury implicates workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is an overarching type of insurance that employers must buy into. In Pennsylvania, that number is one or more employees either part-time or full-time, so basically every single employer must get insurance. Workers' compensation is a way to distribute the risk of employment injuries. All employers must buy into the system to spread risk around to reduce costs. This means that employees cannot file a civil suit, they must utilize the workers' compensation system for their recovery. As a result, the workers' compensation system is faster and easier than the courts.

Workplace illnesses are not always industrial

Most people associate workplace illnesses with difficult jobs like coalmines, industrial steel, automotive mechanics and other jobs in which the human body is exposed to dozens of harmful chemicals on a daily basis. However, there are other jobs in which illness is an ever-present threat, working in the wilderness. Ecologists, biologists, conservationists, rangers and other professionals that are constantly engaging with wild animals are at huge risk of contracting diseases. These diseases are present in plants, animals and insects.

Car Accident Injury Timeline

What to do after you are involved in a car accident. Accidents happen and you may not be thinking clearly after you are in a car crash. You may even be injured. Knowing what to do in case of an accident is important. Adrenaline may be flowing, injuries and commotion can be disorientating. While every accident is unique the steps one should take after a motor vehicle accident are similar.

Workers' Compensation IRE's

Workers' Compensation and IRE's. Contact Dugan & Associates. An IRE is short for Impairment Rating Evaluation. They are different than IME's. IME's are Independent or Insurance Medical Evaluations or Exams.

Government extends deadline for railroad safety compliance

In late October, the federal government once again passed legislation extending the deadline for railroads to comply with new safety regulations. The bill's passage appears to be good news for the railroad executives who had voiced concern over the economic impact of the new legislation. However, the news may not be so good for Pennsylvania railroad workers who are at high risk for workplace accidents.

OSHA joins forces with employers to reduce workplace illness

Pennsylvania residents who work in industries that have high incident rates of workplace illness may be interested in a new partnership formed between employers in four other states and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. The partnership, which involves employers in the poultry industry, is a groundbreaking approach to preventing on-the-job injuries and illnesses associated with employment. If the partnership is a success, it may become a standard. If successful, this collaboration has the potential to one day help Pennsylvania workers more thoroughly avoid workplace illness.

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