We fight for the benefits you deserve. If your claim or request for reconsideration has been denied, you aren’t alone. The government denies almost all initial claims — even for those that appear deserving of benefits. We can help you file a social security disability appeal.
Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Laywers and Attorneys
Pittsburgh Social Security Disability Laywers and Attorneys


What to expect

The process is time-sensitive and must be done within 60 days of the initial denial notice or notice of denial of reconsideration. The steps of this process may include:
  • Request for reconsideration If your initial claim is denied, we can help you draft a compelling and effective request for reconsideration.
  • Administrative law judge hearing If your request for consideration is denied, we can help you prepare evidence and testimony for your administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing.
  • Appeals council If the ALJ denies your appeal, we can appeal that decision to the Social Security appeals council.
  • Federal court appeal The final chance for social security disability appeal takes place in federal court. Our knowledge of federal law and court procedure prepare us for success at this level.
If you’ve been denied, contact us as soon as possible.

What does Dugan take into account?

Our SSDI attorneys have over 100 years combined experience building strong, persuasive social security disability appeals to pursue the maximum amount of disability benefits allowed under the law. We work with you and your physician(s) to show the SSA you aren’t just a number—you’re someone who truly wants to work, but is unable due to a disability.

  • We take into account your age, education, work experience, and severe impairments. 
  • We work with you and your physician(s) to obtain the evidence needed to present a persuasive case to the government.
  • We show the SSA you aren’t just a number—you’re a hardworking, well-meaning person who truly wants to work, but is unable due to a disability.
  • We aggressively pursue the maximum amount of disability benefits allowed under the law.

Should I be concerned if my claim was denied?

Most initial Social Security disability claims are denied. If your claim is denied, we can help you file a social security disability appeal. We take into account how your age, education, and work experience may prevent you from substantial gainful employment.


What is the difference between SSD and SSI?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers two government programs that provide disability benefits to people classified as disabled and incapable of earning a living because of their disability. To be eligible for Social Security disability — either through SSI or SSD — one has to be found unable to perform any substantial gainful employment. This also takes into account age, education, past work experience, and severe impairments
  • SSDI (or SSD) is based on disability and work earnings. Social Security taxes are deducted from each of your paychecks and accumulate over time. 
  • SSI is based on age, disability, and limited income. Typically, individuals who are eligible have never worked or have very limited income.
If you aren’t sure which program you are eligible for, contact us at 888-99-DUGAN or by filling out our contact form. Our social security disability lawyers are here to help.

What kinds of disabilities qualify for Social Security?

Any physical or mental health impairment considered severe enough under SSA guidelines is qualified for social security benefits. If you are not sure if your disability makes you eligible, or if you’re nervous the SSA will not consider you disabled, even though you’re unable to work, contact us to talk with a social security disability lawyer.

What does the SSA consider?

When you’re applying for disability benefits, the SSA will consider:

  • What is your disability or impairment?
  • How long have you had the disability or impairment?
  • How long are you projected to have the disability or impairment?
  • How does it impact your ability to work?
  • Whether you may be able to adjust to other types of work
  • Whether your disability could ultimately result in death
  • Your age, education, and work experience


Surveys have shown that having an experienced attorney bring your social security disability appeal to an administrative law judge more than doubles your chance of success. Stay focused on your health and family. In the meantime, contact our Social Security disability lawyers. We’ve been doing this since 1988 with a history of success, and we’ll put our extensive skill and experience to work for you.


Your staff are wonderful and knowledgeable, amongst the most caring people I have talked with. Thank you for having the team that you have. Many blessings to all from my heart ❤
Thank-you to Mitch and his Associates for helping me in my time of need. Even [though] it was not a million dollar case, they treated it and me like it was. They always answered the phone and returned calls, if they didn't have an answer right away they found that answer and call back fast.Thank-you again .... I would highly recommend.
They made it so easy! Recommend them highly! I was getting no where on my own
Dugan and Associates really came to bat for me. They were very responsive to my needs and always answered any questions I had. Mr. Dugan made the whole workmans compensation process bearable. I would recommend them for anyone.
Robert, Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp Case
Mitch Dugan is a great workers comp layer. he knows how the system works and works to help you. I would use him over and over again.
Todd, Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp Case
Mitch was the best.  I was going through much stress being hurt and basically unloved by my employer.  He was always there when I needed his help. He always called me back if he was in court.  He was humorous sometimes and that aleved alot of anxiety.  I was satisfied with his suggestions and guidance.  Very professional. He always was able to explain things to me and was very nice.   He also obtained a very nice settlement for me. Thank you Mitch.
Pat, Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp Case
Hired one of those other firm's, After 8 months of them doing nothing for me, I found and hired Dugan & Associates, Within the first week I had a workers comp judge and a comp hearing, My case settled a few months later, I would hire Mr dugan again and I highly advise you to use Mr Dugan's firm, He will fight the insurance company for you and get you what you deserve
Rich, Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp Case
Mr. Dugan & his team are great, everything Mr. Dugan went over with me was easy to follow & to the point, I know I could not have got the settlement I did without the help of Mr. Dugan & his team! I would recommend Dugan & Associates to anyone who is serious about getting the best settlement possible
Mitch and his team are nothing short of amazing! From start to finish they had my back, and didn’t stop fighting for me till I got what was rightfully mine! Thank you for giving me my life back
Jamie, Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp Case

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