2021 Trends with Personal Injury Cases and Dugan's View

COVID-19 continues to disrupt many aspects of day-to-day life. This includes the proceedings within courts for personal injury cases. The pandemic caused months long delays for trials. There are many unresolved cases that are stuck at a stand-still. Learn more about the 2021 trends for personal injury cases.

Settling Out of Court

With the courts backed up, we’ve read that insurance companies and defendants are preferring to settle personal injury cases out of court. For insurance companies, large claims can carry a high amount of financial risk. Defendants, meanwhile, are sometimes anxious to close their trials and not have claims drag out indefinitely. Pundits believe an increasing number of personal injury cases will settle out of court, rather than waiting for an indefinite trial date.

In Western Pennsylvania though, law firms are not experiencing this trend with personal injury cases. Dugan & Associates is prepared to settle a personal injury case out of court if the circumstances make it advantageous for our client. We are experts in guiding our clients through the personal injury case legal process both in the courts and out and winning back medical expenses, lost income, and compensation for their pain and suffering.

Remote Video Conferencing

With in-person proceedings either not possible or discouraged, remote video conferencing is now commonly used for pre-trial motions such as testimonies, hearings, depositions, and conferences. The remote proceedings reduce potential exposure to COVID-19 while still providing a reliable platform for pre-trial proceedings.

Not everyone, however, is in favor of remote video conferencing for personal injury cases. Some insurers insist on conducting all possible business in person. This could potentially cause a delay in a personal injury case. Our experience at Dugan & Associates throughout COVID-19 is that delays for personal injury cases that settle are minimal; however, cases that go to court may be experience interruptions due to COVID-related backlogs. This also seems to be the case throughout Pennsylvania. Case matters are proceeding both in-person and remotely at the discretion of the presiding judge.

Claims Are Increasing

Before COVID-19, you may have taken normal life for granted. Being able to travel, shop, see friends and family, easily move around – these were once all accepted and expected parts of life. However, for many, the pandemic was a wakeup call. COVID-19 produced a greater appreciation for average day-to-day life. Disruptions to normalcy are now recognized as a more serious burden. Claims for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life may seem more significant and, therefore, worth more in financial damages.

At Dugan & Associates, we work with you intimately to understand the pain, suffering, and loss you are experiencing from your injury. We anticipate COVID-19 may influence how you view the effects of the personal injury on your life. We are prepared to effectively demonstrate this and fight for the proper compensation.

Looking to The Future

Personal injury cases will most likely rise as life slowly returns to normal and people begin venturing out again. Two types of personal injury cases in particular are expected to increase:

Distracted driving cases

Mobile apps and cellphones continue to be chief distractions for drivers. The advanced evolution of apps and social isolation due to COVID-19 led to a greater reliance on mobile technology. The risks of automobile accidents will continue to increase as drivers focus on their phones as opposed to the road.

Business-related injuries

As shops and businesses are opening back up for in-person shopping, expect an increase in personal injuries for customers. Accidents and injuries in a store can be caused by many things, such as falling merchandise or lack of security. Restaurants pose risks as well, including injuries from intoxicated patrons (to either themselves or others) or falls from slippery surfaces or obstructed walkways.

If you think you may be entitled to a personal injury claim, we are here to help. Our Dugan & Associates personal injury lawyers will work to pursue fair and just compensation for loss of earnings, decreased quality of life, and medical expenses. Contact us today online or call 412-353-3572 to speak with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer to get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

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