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4 Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

pexels-photo-228094.jpgWith the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, the roads will see an increase in traffic as people travel to see their friends and families or get away for vacation. Thanksgiving is not only a busy travel time, but it is right on the cusp of the winter season. Travel during this time always comes hand in hand with the risk of uncertain weather.

Here are a few tips for driving safely this Thanksgiving weekend:

Prepare Your Car
It's too easy in the hustle and bustle of the season to forget to prepare your car for travel, but it's worth getting that last minute inspection to ensure you don't have any unexpected problems on the road. This is also a great time to find your ice scrapers, check your tire pressure, and stock your car with emergency supplies for the winter ahead.

Authorities investigate fatal industrial accident

Because of the potential for workplace accidents in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country, organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration work hard to put certain safety standards in place to protect workers. Unfortunately, even with these standards, workers continue to get injured. For example, officials in another state are investigating a recent industrial accident that resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened late one evening on a day in early November. According to reports, a 25-year-old who had been operating machinery fell from the equipment. When he did so, he reportedly struck his head.

Man killed in recent industrial accident

Regardless of the type of occupation, there are certain dangers that workers in Pennsylvania and across the country might encounter. Because of the potential for harm, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits. The family of a deceased worker in another state may qualify for these benefits after a recent industrial accident resulted in a loss of life.

The accident happened on a day in late October. According to reports, the victim was a 51-year-old man. He was reportedly operating some sort of machinery when something -- such as a piece of carpet -- became caught in it. Another worker is believed to have tossed him a rope.

Details scarce after worker is injured on the job

Workplace accidents and other potential hazards can leave people in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country facing severe medical conditions. Unfortunately, these injuries and illnesses can often translate into financial complications when workers are injured on the job and face a long recovery, resulting in medical bills and lost wages. An injured worker in another state may be wondering about his physical and financial state after a recent accident.

The injured worker is reportedly employed by Caterpillar Inc. While information regarding the man's identity and his condition is unclear, first responders were reportedly called to the scene at approximately 4:20 a.m. on a day in early November. He was transported to the hospital.

Fatal workplace accident likely under investigation

While the type of hazard may vary due to occupation, all workplaces hold some degree of risk for workers. Even someone with a relatively safe job in Pennsylvania, such as an office worker, can ultimately suffer a great deal of pain due to repetitive movements while, on the other hand, those who work with heavy equipment could be pinned, for examples. Unfortunately, a man in another state has recently been killed after he was involved in a fatal workplace accident.

Reports indicate that the accident happened just before 8 a.m. on a day in October. The man is said to have been utilizing a piece of bobcat equipment to move wood pellets from a silo at German Pellets. Unfortunately, some of the pellets reportedly fell on both the man and the equipment.

Woman injured on the job in incident with chemicals

All jobs hold some degree of risk. However, the type of risks vary according to the specific occupation. While the vast majority of employers work hard to protect their workers, accidents can still happen in Pennsylvania, leaving workers and their families struggling with the financial consequences of their injuries. A woman in another state may have concerns about her financial security following a recent incident in which she was injured on the job.

Reports indicate that firefighters were called to the scene of the accident one afternoon on a day in October. According to reports, a female employee was working with a vial when it burst. The substance in the vial splashed onto her arms and face.

Workplace accidents: Worker becomes trapped in manhole

The vast majority of employers in Pennsylvania and across the country go to great lengths to protect their employees. Despite their efforts, however, workplace accidents can still happen, often leaving families reeling as a result of an unexpected loss. Unfortunately, a family in another state is likely still coming to terms with new of the recent death of a young man.

The incident that led to the 22-year-old man's death happened on a day in October. According to reports, he was an employee of Benchmark Construction, a company that was working to reline a storm sewer system.  The man was approximately 30 feet into a pipe when he became trapped.

Officials investigate fatal warehouse accident

Most employers in Pennsylvania and across the country go to great lengths to ensure that their workers are safe as they complete their job responsibilities. Unfortunately, some jobs are inherently dangerous -- even those that may seem to be relatively safe -- if, for example, they require the worker to work at great heights. For example, a man in another state recently passed away due to a warehouse accident.

The 45-year-old victim was reportedly working as a contractor at the warehouse where the accident happened. Reports indicate that he was painting when he fell through a fiberglass portion of a roof, approximately 40 feet. He landed on a concrete floor.

Investigation into fatal accident leads to work-related injuries

Following an accident in Pennsylvania and or any other area of the country, police officers are often left to determine the cause and if any party was at fault. However, they may be placing their lives at risk while conducting their investigations. For example, three police officers in another state recently suffered work-related injuries while investigating an unrelated crash.

The incident happened one night in early October. According to reports, a teenager was struck and killed by a garbage truck at approximately 7:30 p.m. Two hours later, at least three police officers were on the scene investigating the fatal accident when they were allegedly struck by two motorcycles whose drivers are believed to have been speeding as they traveled by the previous crash site.

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