3 years after receiving shock, man sues over injuries

Pennsylvanians who are injured on the job experience a wide range of effects from their accident. Some might bounce back relatively quickly from something that is relatively straightforward, such as a broken bone; others, however, may have lingering problems that last for weeks, months or years -- or even a lifetime.

One Pennsylvania man recently filed a lawsuit over a workplace accident that took place nearly three years ago. The man, who worked for Amtrak at the time of his injury, was working on a light tower at a station when he received a strong electrical shock. In the suit, the man says that his managers did not turn off the power to the wires that were attached to the tower. Doing so, he says, would have prevented him from being shocked.

As a result of the accident, the man says he spent significant time in the hospital recovering from neurological and cardiac injuries. He also injured his head, arms and feet when he received the blast of electricity.

This man's situation is somewhat unique in that he's claiming that the railroad did not live up to the terms set out by the Federal Employers' Liability Act -- a law aimed at protecting railroad workers who have been hurt on the job.

No workplace accident should have to happen, whether it's in an office, at a construction site or at a train station. Attorneys who have experience in workplace accident cases can be useful advocates for people who have been hurt on the job.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Amtrak employee says company’s negligence caused electrical shock," Jim Boyle, May 15, 2014

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