4 workers suffer burns in industrial accident

It is necessary for employers in Pennsylvania and across the country to ensure that workplace conditions are safe for workers. This includes of variety of different acts, including ensuring that equipment is safe and functioning properly, that employees are trained to use equipment correctly and given appropriately protective gear, and that employees are properly informed about potential hazards. Unfortunately, even in workplaces where employers are dedicated to safety, an industrial accident can still occur, often leaving workers facing a lengthy and difficult recovery. Workers at Tyson Fresh Meats in another state may be facing such a scenario.

The incident that led to injuries to four workers happened on a morning in early December. According to reports, two of the injured workers were treated at the scene while two others were flown to a burn center. Their identities were not immediately released following the accident.

Many of the details regarding the incident are unclear. One rescue worker claims that there was no fire at the facility. Instead, the injuries are believed to have been caused by steam.

Following an industrial accident, victims are often left wondering about their financial future. They are often concerned about the financial toll their medical bills will have, especially when they are required to miss work for an extended period of time. Fortunately, states, including Pennsylvania, require that employers provide workers' compensation insurance coverage. Because victims are often in no condition to go through a complicated compensation process on their own, they often seek guidance from an experienced professional to help them pursue a fair settlement.

Source: wqad.com, "Officials say 4 injured in accident at Iowa meat plant," Dec. 5, 2017

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