4 workplace injuries that peak in the summer

Facing a serious injury is always difficult, even if you will be able to count on financial assistance through workers' compensation benefits. When it comes to the summer months, there are many dangers that increase the risk of on-the-job injuries. Some seasonal risks are related to the weather and others are not, however, these are the four injuries that arise the most during the summer season and represent the greatest danger to workers.


The more common term for hyperthermia is heat stroke, and it is very serious. Working in the sun and being exposed to extreme heat can cause major bodily functions to shut down. The situation is potentially deadly, but it can be easily avoided. To reduce the chance of suffering heat stroke injuries, employee should not work without shade nearby, take frequent breaks, keep water on hand and avoid working alone. These steps are vital, as hyperthermia typically falls under the scope of liability for employers.


Also related to the heat is dehydration, which is easily one of the most common problems with summer work, so it is important for workers to stay armed against it. Employers can be held liable in these cases if they do not allow employees adequate rest. To prevent dehydration, drink water regularly, keep extra available and do not forget your electrolytes. You can also have coworkers look after each other. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, dry skin and headaches.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

This may seem unexpected, but motor vehicle accidents are always more numerous in the summer and any worker that's job involves driving a vehicle must be extra careful. One of the biggest contributors to the increased collision rates is construction. Most of the country schedules the bulk of roadwork during the summer months, and that makes for more accidents. Responsibility for damages in these types accidents can be complicated, whether the accident takes place in a construction zone or with equipment used on the job.


Falls are a workplace danger throughout the year, but statistically they increase in frequency in the warmer months. Likely factors for the rise in fall-related injuries are increased work outdoors and intense summer storms. Proper footwear and general alertness are the best defense against falls, which can cause serious injures Employees injured during a fall at work may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits for their injuries, medical treatment and lost wages related to the workplace accident.

Beyond the four most common seasonal injuries listed, there are many other risks to workers that can cause injuries. It is important to take appropriate measures for safety. If an accident does occur while on the job, contact an attorney at Dugan & Associates, P.C. to learn more about your legal rights.

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