Case Summaries/Settlements

Steelworker Receives Over $1 Million for Mill Work Injury

A union steelworker was seriously injured in an explosion at a coking facility. He had been working as a utility person when a pipeline exploded. His case against the pipeline contractor was settled for over $1,000,000.00. In addition, the steel company believed that the steelworker could return to work, but his doctors where of the opinion that his capabilities were very limited after the work explosion. Dugan & Associates was able to negotiate a favorable workers' compensation settlement and prevented the injured worker from being forced back to work beyond his abilities.

Oil and Gas Worker Receives $685,000.00 Settlement

An experienced driller had a rack of pipes fall on him at a work site. He had a serious crush injury which included his right leg, low back and left clavicle. The workers' compensation insurance company was not treating him fairly and he was unlikely to ever work again. He was not being paid his benefits properly and his medical treatment was not being paid for in full. Dugan & Associates was able to file a case to force the insurance company to comply with the law. Dugan & Associates was also able to negotiate a settlement of $685,000.00 on behalf of this injured and disabled worker.

Widow of Sales Executive Receives Significant Settlement

A sales executive with a history of coronary artery disease was entertaining clients at a golf event on a hot and humid day. He suffered a fatal heart attack right after golfing. The employer took the position that the heart attack was not related to the gentleman's employment due to the number of pre-existing risk factors that he had for such a heart attack. Through litigation, Dugan & Associates was able to show the medical link between the heart attack and the sales executive's work that day. A very favorable and significant settlement was reached for the widow as a result of this tragic event.

Truck Driver Receives $292,000.00 For Work Accident Plus Social Security

This experienced truck driver was severely injured while driving the company truck. He required 2 surgeries and was permanently disabled from performing any further work duties. Despite his complicated legal situation, Dugan & Associates was able to negotiate a significant settlement for this injured truck driver with his employer and assist him with obtaining social security benefits. The injured truck driver also received a settlement from the person who caused the accident.

Injured Pest Control Worker Receives Substantial Settlement

A pest control worker injured his right shoulder inspecting a property for bees. A few weeks later, he injured the same shoulder when a bat flew at him while on a job and he fell off of a ladder. He ended up needing 3 surgeries. The workers' compensation insurance company stopped benefit payments without approval, did not pay some medical bills, questioned the medical treatment being received by the injured worker and tried to force him to take a job with another company. Dugan & Associates was able to file petitions to correct what the insurance company was doing to this injured worker, which included seeking a penalty against the insurance company. The insurance company agreed to settle the case for $270,000.00.

Six Figure Settlement for Food Vendor Worker Injured Stocking Shelves

A worker stocking shelves injured her back and required 2 surgeries. The workers' compensation insurance company minimized her injury, challenged her disability level and changed her disability status without approval. Dugan & Associates sought to penalize the insurance company and was successful in negotiating a significant settlement.

Substantial Settlement for Injured Union Carpenter

A carpenter injured his back while he was loading a truck with plywood. He needed 2 back surgeries. The workers' compensation insurance company tried to force him back to work, stating that jobs were generally available. Dugan & Associates was able to contest the insurance company's actions, and settled the case favorably.

Union Pipeline Worker Injures Shoulder, Receives Six Figure Settlement

While working through the operating engineers, a pipeline worker was severely injured on a jobsite. His shoulder required surgery. He repeatedly tried to perform his work duties, both before and after the surgery, but was physically unable to sustain the physical work involved in his job. He then required a second surgery. Due to this injured worker's inability to perform his rigorous trade, Dugan & Associates was able to settle his injury case on favorable terms. Because of his strong work ethic and commitment, it is probable that this union member will be able to perform a less physically demanding job.

Coal Miner Injured At Work Receives Settlement and Social Security Benefits

A coal miner was seriously injured while swinging a sledge hammer and required 2 back surgeries. The coal company had placed this injured worker under surveillance. It was clear that the coal miner was severely disabled and Dugan & Associates approached the coal company's insurance carrier and was able to settle his injury case for $195,000.00. In addition, after a court proceeding, Dugan and Associates was able to secure Social Security disability benefits for this injured coal miner.

Hospital Worker Injured on Thanksgiving Day Is Finally Compensated

A hospital worker severely injured her shoulder on Thanksgiving. She tried to perform her job after she was injured, but was unsuccessful. She required two surgeries. The employer denied her compensation and minimized her injury despite the surgeries and her complete inability to do her job. Dugan & Associates was able to file and case and the injured worked received her lost wage benefits for years past. The employer again tried to minimize her injury 5 years later, and Dugan & Associates successfully defended her against the same employer positions that a judge already rejected. She has now received almost $100,000.00 in wage benefits which continue since she is unable to work.