Abdominal hernias, and inguinal hernias are common work injuries

Common Work Injuries: Abdominal Hernias and Inguinal Hernias

Hernias, and abdominal hernias from lifting or heavy lifting can result in an inability to work. Inguinal hernias account for 75% of all abdominal hernias. A hernia is a protrusion of an organ through it's wall cavity. Abdominal hernias push through the abdominal wall.

Hernias, abdominal hernias and inguinal hernias can be detected on exam or MRI. The doctor may be able to push it back into place or by surgery. Open surgical procedures are used most often but sometimes they can be repaired laparoscopically. Both involve the use of mesh. Surgery may result in complications including abcess, fistula or bowel obstruction.

Often times chronic pain develops after a hernia injury and/or repair. Chronic groin pain can result. Often pain results from destruction or entrapment of nerve tissue from staples, sutures or the surgery itself. Hernias and their resultant pain can cause an inability to work and perform ones usually daily and social activities.

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