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The Unfortunate Truth About Workplace Accidents 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012 was one of Pennsylvania's safest years on recent record in regard to the frequency of workplace accidents and fatalities. A preliminary report shows that 163 deaths occurred in 2012, which is a decrease from the 186 deaths reported in 2011 and a significant contrast from the high of 354 in 1994.

About 60 percent of all workplace accidents and fatalities occurred within the categories of transportation incidents and contact with objects and equipment. The other 40 percent of fatalities were caused by slips, trips and falls, and other miscellaneous workplace accidents. The amount of fatalities due to transportation is expected to increase once more data has been processed.

Out of all industries listed in the report, the majority of fatalities occurred in the construction sector. The transportation, warehousing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting sector is reported as having the second-highest amount of fatalities. Around 91 percent of all fatal injuries were suffered by men, and 58 percent of fatally injured workers were between the ages of 25 and 54.

Most workers in Pennsylvania are provided workers' compensation by their employer. By filing a claim and supplying sufficient evidence of an ailment caused by the workplace environment or a specific workplace accident, employees will generally obtain proper compensation. In certain situations, a disabled worker might find that the amount of recompense to be awarded is insufficient. If this is the case, a legal representative may be able to assist in ensuring that their client receives the maximum benefits possible.

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