Accidents can happen in any line of work

In Pennsylvania it is no secret that missing work can be costly. If you are ill or injured and unable to return to your job for a period of time, you could lose out on a lot of wages. This in turn can make it hard to keep up with living costs and support your family, let alone pay your medical bills. But what happens if you are off work because of an injury sustained on the job?

You may think that you are relatively safe at work, particularly if your job is one that does not involve any typically dangerous activities. However, accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone, so it is vital to know your rights in case this happens to you. A serious injury could put you out of work for an extended period or even leave you with a permanent disability.

However, if this happens to you, there may still be help available. In most cases, if you are injured at work or while carrying out the duties associated with your post, you may be entitled to workers? compensation. While this may do little to help your recovery, it should at least ease the financial worries caused by the accident.

Our page on Industrial Accidents has more detailed information about what you can do if you are injured at work. An attorney could also be invaluable, particularly if you decide to file a compensation claim. He or she can advise you about your rights and might be able to assist you with ensuring that those responsible for your injuries are held accountable for their actions.

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