Are You Guilty of These Common Car Maintenance Mistakes?


3333pexels-photo-769892.jpgWhen a car does what it's supposed to do, it can be easy to take it for granted. But things can (and do) go wrong with no notice at all. Sometimes parts fail without any kind of warning. But let's face it, most drivers are guilty of ignoring issues with their vehicles at some point or another, and that's the first fatal flaw. Cars always need regular maintenance to remain reliable and safe.

Here are four common car maintenance mistakes that you can easily avoid to keep your ride safe on the road:

1. Skipping Oil Changes
Changing your oil - and oil filter - is the easiest, quickest, most dependable way to keep your car on the road for years to come. As far as minor car upkeep goes, this one is pretty easy. If you don't have the space (or the time and patience) to change your own oil, make sure you schedule regular appointments with a trusted mechanic. Usually, they'll change your oil while you wait.

2. Not Checking Tire Pressure

Tires naturally lose pressure over time. Improperly inflated tires decrease fuel economy, and more importantly, make your car less safe, as they impact steering and suspension and are more prone to blowouts. Saving yourself from potential injuries, expensive repairs, or buying new tires too soon can be easily remedied by checking your tire pressure regularly.

3. Ignoring Bad Wipers

Windshield wipers degrade with time and use, and as a result, they can leave streaks on your windshield. Rain, snow, and other precipitation can severely cut down on your ability to see the road and other vehicles clearly, so changing your wipers when they wear out is very important.

Most wiper blades can safely function for a year, but we recommend changing them as soon as you notice streaking or an inability to clear your windshield. Changing your wiper blades is easy, and you can buy them new at most chain stores and auto shops.

4. Neglecting to Inspect the Brakes

Brakes are arguably the most important part of your car. Unfortunately, they sometimes get overlooked by car owners, even if they are emitting the squeaking noise that typically accompanies worn down brake pads. If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when you brake, have your brake system evaluated by a mechanic as soon as possible.


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