Attend an Exclusive Premiere Party and Support a Good Cause

222popcorn-movie-party-entertainm (1).jpgNov. 9 is Opening Night, an annual Crohn's and Colitis Foundation fundraiser that couples first-access to a movie premiere (see Murder on the Orient Express before anyone else!) with drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and raffles. Dugan & Associates is a proud sponsor of this unique event and is proud to support a cause that affects more people in our community than many realize.

For Dugan & Associates, the cause hits close to home.

One out of the many challenges presented by Crohn's and Colitis is awareness. Though many people suffer from some form of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)--with worldwide estimates as high as 15% -- few talk about it. The symptoms are not glamorous, and the frequent discomfort (or extreme pain in the worst cases) from a condition like Crohn's or Colitis interrupts daily life and can make the most benign parts of daily life a challenge.

Mitch Dugan is one of these quiet individuals.


Today, Mitch uses his platform of being a Pittsburgh Super Lawyer to raise awareness for the work that the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation does to raise awareness, provide support for individuals in need, and to fund research for treatments and cures. As a committee member and part of the team that helped organize Opening Night, Mitch is excited about all this event has to offer:

  • First-access to the feature film Murder on the Orient Express (see it before anyone else!)

  • Entertainment before the premiere in the form of a magician

  • Raffles and auctions with prizes like Penguin tickets

  • Delicious food from local cooks and chefs

  • Cocktail party featuring community leaders and passionate individuals (like yourself) as guests

Because Crohn's and Colitis (and other IBS conditions) is so common, you likely know someone enduring these challenges, and seemingly small gestures like attending Open Night go a long way toward moving what we as a society can do about Crohn's and Colitis forward.

Come out, enjoy a movie, and meet the people working to help thousands of people in our community. Better yet, you could be one of those people.

Visit the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation page to learn more, and read our bio of Patrick May to see how young people are stepping up to help as well.

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