Average Cost Of Car Accident Medical Bills & Who Pays Them

Average Cost Of Car Accident Medical Bills In Pennsylvania

A car accident can cause a number of expenses to both person and property, and the financial toll can weigh in the thousands. The cost of your medical bills after a car accident increases by the severity of your injuries. The average cost of an emergency room visit is $3,300, and the cost of an inpatient hospital stay is approximately $57,000, in addition to losses of productivity and wages. It’s important to know who pays your medical bills if you are in a car accident. 

Medical bills in car accident settlements are determined by a number of variables, including your own car insurance and that of the vehicle you were in. Laws vary by state, and it is important to be knowledgeable of Pennsylvania’s policies regarding different scenarios:

You Own Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Pennsylvania follows a “no-fault” car insurance system. Regardless of who caused the accident, your own car insurance pays for medical treatment up to the policy’s limit. In Pennsylvania, the minimum medical bills your insurance company must cover is $5,000, however this number may be greater depending on your specific policy.

You Are Insured By Someone Else’s Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

It is possible to be covered under the car insurance of a relative whom you live with. In this case, your relative’s insurance would provide your medical benefits.

You Are An Occupant In An Insured Vehicle 

If you are an occupant in an automobile, and don’t have you own car insurance, the policy of the vehicle you were riding in during the accident is responsible for your medical benefits.

You Are A Pedestrian

If you are a pedestrian injured in an automobile accident and aren’t covered under your own or another’s car insurance, the insurance policy of any automobile involved (typically the at-fault vehicle) can be held responsible for payment.

You Are Injured While Working

If you are injured in a car accident while at work and are eligible for workers’ compensation, the primary insurance provider is your workers’ compensation insurance. 

Your Medical Bills Exceed Your Car Insurance Policy Limit

In Pennsylvania, if your medical bills exceed your car insurance policy limits, your health insurance is liable to cover the remaining costs. Medical bills typically need to be submitted promptly, which is why it is important to provide your doctor with your health insurance information when you first being treatment, even if your car insurance is initially covering medical costs. If your bills are not received promptly, you risk coverage being denied by your health insurance. 

If you do not have health insurance, you are responsible for covering what car insurance does not. If the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to recover the cost of your medical bills from the at-fault driver through a settlement or trial.

Automobile accidents are dangerous and the aftermath can be stressful, and the laws surrounding medical benefits can be complicated. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, Dugan & Associates will work to pursue fair and just compensation for damages, medical expenses, and loss of earnings. Contact us today online or by telephone at 412-353-3572 to speak with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania lawyer who will help you understand your medical bills in your car accident settlement. We work to make sure you receive the medical benefits and compensation you deserve. 

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