Brother of industrial accident victim explains what happened

Many families in Pennsylvania are close-knit. Some family members even choose to work together. Unfortunately, one man in another state details how his brother was recently killed in an industrial accident while they worked together.

The man says that he and his 31-year-old brother worked together at a junk removal company. On the day of the accident that led to the man's death, the two had made a stop at Lincoln Recycling -- as they regularly did. The brother claims that he re-entered the truck they were driving while the victim remained outside to close the truck's door.

Unfortunately, the man claims that he then saw a payloader that was traveling in reverse at a high rate of speed. The piece of equipment reportedly struck the truck and the man standing outside. He is said to have passed away at the scene of the accident. The person operating the payloader was taken into police custody, but it is unclear if criminal charges will be filed.

Reports indicate that this is not the first serious incident that occurred at this industrial site; previously, a person was killed in an incident involving a forklift, while another person's fingers were severed.  While officials work to determine the exact cause of the accident, the man's family is now left to come to terms with the news of his death. Because reports indicate that he died in an industrial accident, certain surviving family members may qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits. These benefits can help families cope with the costs of a funeral and the complications created by lost wages. Many in Pennsylvania who deserve such compensation often ask an attorney with experience with the process to help guide them through it.

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