Car accident may have been caused by distracted driving

On this blog, we talk about dangers associated with distracted driving behaviors such as texting while behind the wheel. When a driver takes his or her eyes off the road for even a few seconds to attend to a message or some other task, it is possible that they could fail to see something and be involved in an accident.

It is possible that distracted driving may have played a role in a tragic accident in Pittsburgh earlier this week. A second grade girl was critically injured when as she walked home, a school van hit her. The girl's mother, who was walking to meet the girl, saw the incident unfold.

In the crash the girl suffered severe head trauma, a broken pelvis and broken femur.

Following the crash neighbors said that the girl's mother was yelling at the driver of the van. She accused the driver of texting while driving and said that she saw her doing it when the van drove up onto the sidewalk and hit the girl.

Whether the van driver was in fact texting while driving will likely be uncovered in the investigation commenced following the incident. Law enforcement officers are seeking to get a search warrant to access the driver's phone.

It is possible that the family of the injured girl will take legal action against the employer of the van driver. Medical bills are sure to mount as the girl heals and this could be expensive. It is possible that she could suffer side effects related to the injury in the future as well. Anything recovered in a successful lawsuit could be helpful.

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