Cause of fatal workplace accident likely under investigation

The vast majority of workplaces in Pennsylvania go to great lengths to ensure employee safety. Despite these measures, an accident can still happen, putting the lives of workers and others in the area at risk. In fact, the cause of a recent fatal workplace accident in another state is likely under investigation.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in mid-March. According to reports, a local fire department was responding to Lighting Resources LLC., a company that recycles fluorescent light bulbs, due to a fire alarm. However, people then called 911 claiming that they heard a loud boom.

Those near the business when the explosion occurred say that they could feel building shake. Eight people were reportedly inside at the time of the explosion. One person died as a result while a second person is said to have suffered serious injuries. Firefighters had to bring in shoring equipment to ensure that the structure was sound enough to allow them to safety retrieve the victim.

Unfortunately, a family is now left planning a funeral following the unexpected death of their loved one. Another worker is recovering in the hospital. Both the family of the deceased victim and the injured worker now may face financial complications due to medical expenses, lost wages and/or funeral costs. Because of the potential financial harm that a fatal workplace accident such as this can case, employers in Pennsylvania are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage. The aftermath of such an event is often marked by stress and grief, prompting many people who deserve compensation to ask an experienced professional for assistance in seeking an appropriate settlement.

Source:, "UPDATE with PHOTOS: Fatality in bulb recycler explosion is Johnson City's second industrial death in less than a week", Becky Campbell, March 16, 2018

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