Common dangers of construction work

While nearly every employee in the country can take advantage of workers' compensation benefits, there are undeniably some workers who need it more than others. The occupational hazards of some fields are simply greater and more significant, and few workers face greater danger than construction workers. In fact, back in 2009, an analysis of nearly 3.5 million injuries found that almost 10% of said injuries befell construction workers. This means that nearly one out of every ten reported nonfatal injuries and illnesses happened to a construction worker.

Part of what makes construction work so dangerous is the large number of different injuries that construction workers face. Working at extreme heights and with heavy machinery means that injuries from falling or malfunction are more common than in other fields. With these dangerous machine malfunctions comes the risk of puncture wounds from shrapnel, burns from fires or explosions, crushed-between injuries and more.

These unexpected injuries do not even touch on the dangers of repetitive stress and heavy lifting that many construction workers engage in, which can cause wrist, back or neck pain after years of strain. Additionally, depending on the types of materials or chemicals that workers are around, they can also be afflicted by illnesses such as lung cancer.

The dangers of construction work simply cannot be overstated, which is why it is so important for construction workers to take advantage of the benefits that they are entitled to through workers' compensation. If you are a construction worker in Pennsylvania, and you suffer an injury on the job, inform your employer as soon as possible and have yourself medically evaluated. If you have difficulties recovering the workers' compensation benefits that you deserve, do not hesitate to contact an attorney who may be able to help you with your case.


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