Company cited for dangerous tools, other violations

A company has an obligation to create as safe a working environment as possible for its employees. Anyone who witnesses a situation that is less than ideal or could lead to an industrial accident can request an inspection from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is often called in to investigate on-site accidents that resulted in injuries or substantial damage to a facility. If the organization finds an issue, then it can make several recommendations.

An Ohio company is facing citations and fines after a complaint inspection was conducted at its facility. OSHA issued 11 health and safety violations to the company, including lack of safety equipment, using receptacles that were not approved for working in wet environments and several other issues. The agency is proposing a fine of $103,800.

Five of the violations are repeat violations, meaning the company has had issues in these areas previously. The company was cited for failing to label cooling bottles, ensuring that workers used protective personal gear during electrical work, and a lack of training on electrical safety, hazard communications and powered industrial vehicles. There were six other serious allegations as well.

When a company receives violations from OSHA, they are required to pay fines and correct the issues for which they were fined. Companies that neglect to make changes can be levied additional fines or face other consequences, such as closure. Workers who are employed with a company that allows unsafe working environments to exist can report the company to OSHA. If a worker is injured as the result of an issue at work, the worker can seek compensation for injuries. Any worker who wishes to avail themselves of the legal system should seek the advice of a legal professional for assistance in navigating through the legal process.

Source: United States Department of Labor, "Lapmaster Precision Finishing Services cited by US Labor Department's OSHA for repeat safety violations at Ohio plant" Scott Allen and Rhonda Burke, Jan. 30, 2014

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