Concrete wall falls at construction site, killing worker

Now that the weather is warming up in Pennsylvania and around the nation, construction projects that might have been pushed back for several months are ramping up. With that increase in activity also comes a flurry of Construction Accidents. While many of these might not be dramatic enough to make the news, others are serious enough to lead to injuries or fatalities.

One recent example comes to us from Chicago, where a 46-year-old construction worker died in an accident in that city earlier this month. According to officials who responded to the scene, a large amount of concrete fell on the man. He was taken to a hospital because of his injuries, but he was pronounced dead less than four hours later.

Unfortunately, this man's loved ones will now have to endure their lives without him -- and without the financial stability he may have brought to their lives. It isn't only workers who lose their lives who are affected, however. Construction workers who are injured on the job might find that they are no longer able to work. This might be true even if the injuries they have suffered appear to be relatively minor.

Back injuries, for example, can lead to a lifetime of discomfort -- and the inability to work at a job that requires physical labor, such as construction. Unfortunately, some injured workers might find resistance from their employers or the relevant insurance companies about the severity or the circumstances surrounding their workplace injuries. It may require intervention from an attorney to make sure an injured worker's interests are adequately protected.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Man dies in construction accident," Rosemary Regina Sobol, May 23, 2014

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