Construction collapse injures two workers

The second floor of a Middletown home under construction collapsed last weekend, injuring two people who were working on the first floor of the home. Fortunately, they have both been treated and released from the hospital. The framing of the second floor collapsed, falling in on top of the workers on the first level, an event which could have easily been fatal to those workers and any others working below. At this time, it is unclear why the framing collapsed.

Construction sites are dangerous due to the machinery and framing hazards. It is the responsibility of the employer to insure that all safety protocols are being followed to protect the health and safety of the workers on their site. In this case, there are no details available in regards to the investigation, but if there were negligence on the part of the employer, there would likely be the option to pursue a suit against the company. However, this is not necessary in order to file for workers' compensation, which will cover any injuries sustained in the workplace.

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has strict requirements for the protection of workers. If these guidelines are not being followed, the company is investigated and fined, which opens up the potential for suits against the employer. Employees are meant to be guaranteed their safety in the workplace. These guidelines are especially important for construction workers, who are at a very high risk of injury in the workplace.

Building collapses like this one can result in serious injuries and death, even on a large scale if the site is big enough. This is a risk that no worker should have to worry about, but unfortunately, these things happen. Contacting OSHA and working with a workers' compensation attorney can ensure that employees are well-protected in the workplace.

Source:, "Two injured after second floor of home under construction collapses," Jo Ciavaglia, Oct. 7, 2012

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