Construction incident leads to two injuries

A construction incident in Pennsylvania has reportedly left a construction worker and a fireman injured. It is reported that the 52-year-old construction worker had fallen during the course of his work from the building's steel frame. The fall was 30 feet in total. A 36-year-old maintenance worker at the construction site reportedly recorded some of the incident on his mobile phone.

The injured worker was removed from the building with a bucket following the construction site accident. He was then transported via ambulance to the Hahnemann University Hospital. The hospital listed him as being in critical condition. However, this was not the only incident that occurred. At the same time that the construction worker was being rescued, a firefighter on the scene apparently had a seizure.

It is reported that the firefighter sustained head injuries during the seizure, after which he was taken to the same hospital treating the construction worker. The firefighter was listed to be in stable condition following the incident. The maintenance worker that witnessed the scene stated that fire crews attempted to help the firefighter during the incident. It is not clear whether the firefighter had a prior medical history of seizures.

Both the firefighter and the construction worker in these scenarios will be able to apply for workers compensation based on the fact that they were injured while at work. A workers compensation attorney can help either of them with their claim, but the construction worker may have a unique case if the investigation of the construction site proves it to be unsafe. OSHA standards require fall protection for those that need to work in certain areas, and if the construction site did not have the appropriate safety protection, the worker may also be able to file a claim against his company.

Source: Firehouse, "Pa. Firefighter, Construction Worker Hurt at Incident", JOHN MORITZ, June 21, 2013

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