Construction sites can contain multiple hazards

In Pennsylvania, construction workers are injured every year in accidents that may have been prevented if greater safety precautions had been taken or better measures had been put in place to protect the workers. Unfortunately, many employers neglect their obligations to their workers by failing to maintain a safe working environment or ignoring reports of hazards and concerns within the workplace.

There are many things that can pose a risk to construction workers. Malfunctioning machinery is a particular danger, as is poorly secured scaffolding or debris scattered about the site. Falling items can cause head injuries and any toxic materials in use on and around the site can also cause health complications for those exposed to them. If you notice any such hazard or you need advice on how to handle an issue of this nature, your employer should be able to advise you.

As this article on Industrial Accidents highlights, falls are a particularly common cause of construction injuries. Whether you simply trip over or you drop from a great height, a fall can cause lasting damage. No matter how major to minor your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation and you should not be afraid to stand up for your right to that remuneration.

If you have been injured on a construction site, you may be trying to focus on your recovery. However, medical bills can soon mount up and this can become a particular worry while you are unable to work. Fortunately, a successful workers' compensation claim might help you to cover the costs. An attorney can advise you about your options and the legal process and may be able to assist you with your case.

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