Wrongful Death: Worker Crushed by Construction Vehicle

According to reports, a fatal construction accident in Washington County during the afternoon hours of April 9 resulted in the death of a 43-year-old man who was working with other construction crew employees. The incident occurred on Route 22 in a work zone as the workers were repairing a section of a damaged guardrail.

The media report stated that the employee died after becoming pinned below a construction vehicle that had backed up and smashed into him. The victim was reportedly in the vehicle's blind spot when the fatal worksite accident happened. He was part of a construction crew working for Green Acres Contracting Company, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation had hired the construction company to do guardrail repairs following a vehicle crash, according to reports. When the report was issued, Occupation Safety and Health Administration officials were in the process of determining the cause of the fatal accident.

A construction site accident can lead to serious injuries that sometimes prove fatal. People who have suffered a work-related injury or accident may be entitled to particular types of benefits, regardless of how the accident occurred. In Pennsylvania, most employers are legally obligated to carry workers' compensation for employees who suffer an injury while working.

As an insurance policy, workers' compensation benefits may cover a portion of an employee's wages and his or her medical expenses stemming from the workplace injury or illness. In the event the employee suffered fatal injuries, the victim's family members may exercise their right to file for the benefits, which could include compensation for final expenses such as funeral costs. Since there is a limitation in place for filing these types of claims, a workers' compensation attorney may prove helpful to families who have lost a loved one in a work-related accident or illness.

Source: Equipment World, "Worker killed in work zone back over accident in Pennsylvania," Wayne Grayson, April 13, 2015

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