Construction worker fatalities hit new high

Forty years ago, about 14,000 US workers were killed on the job every year. Nowadays, that number is closer to 5,000 workplace injuries. In short, the American workplace has never been safer. But there is still room for improvement.


Unfortunately, not every industry is enjoying this decline in injuries. The construction industry was trending downward with injuries, however, as the construction industry recovers, more people are joining it and injuries are going up. There were 937 fatal injuries in private construction, the highest since the 2008 peak. Economic recovery is a two-edged sword, as more people join back into the workforce, more people will suffer injuries.

But while construction fatalities are the largest plurality of injuries. Logging, on a per worker per injury basis, is far more dangerous. Logging workers were injured at a rate of 133 injuries per 100,000 workers. Additionally, truck drivers experienced the highest rate of fatalities, at 885 fatal accidents per 100,000 drivers.

In short, while the overall workplace is safer, the trend isn't universal across all industries. It is crucial that governments, businesses, and people work together to bring the workplace injury rate even lower. But, until that ideal is achieved, you may want the assistance of an attorney if you are injured on the job. A lawyer can ensure that your claim is timely filed and reduce the chances that it will be challenged. The sooner you can get those payments, the sooner you can stop worrying about your finances and focus on your recovery.


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