Construction worker in critical condition after 20 foot fall

A 54-year-old Pennsylvania carpenter who was working in a downtown Philadelphia construction site is listed in critical condition after he fell 20 feet, landing in the building's foundation. According to a worker on the construction accident scene, the man was conscious and alert after the fall. He had suffered a gash in his arm. The worker was the first to reach the carpenter after he had fallen. The work site is located on the corner of 19th and Arch Streets. Police report that the carpenter was taken to a nearby hospital.

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous, and workers who are involved in accidents at construction sites often sustain severe injuries, like the man in this story. In addition, workers' compensation benefits may not be adequate to fully compensate the families of injured workers.

Sometimes, employers may make an attempt to question the validity of the compensation claims or deny them altogether. They may claim that an incident occurred off the property or that the worker is an independent contractor who is therefore not eligible for worker's compensation benefits. If the injured man's family is concerned that they may not receive compensation they deserve, they might want to contact an attorney.

An attorney in this case may be able to help obtain the maximum award possible for the carpenter's family. They may appeal a decision to deny benefits or fight for maximum benefits to cover medical expenses brought on by the injury, loss of wages and disability pay if it is needed.

Source:, "Worker on Philly construction site falls 20 feet", June 20, 2013

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