Construction worker killed in trench accident

Construction workers often suffer injuries on the job, even when equipped with all the relevant safety gear. It is simply one of those jobs that comes with a lot of potential dangers, such as heavy machinery, unstable structures and working at great heights. Fortunately, many construction site injuries are minor and quick to heal. However, this is not always the case.

In Penn Township, a 21-year-old employee of Pittsburgh's A Rooter Man has been killed in a tragic accident at a Shelbourne Personal Care Home. According to reports, the young construction worker was behind the care home in a trench that was more than 11 feet in depth, working on a sewer line. The accident occurred when the trench collapsed, burying the worker beneath piles of earth.

According to reports, crews were forced to painstakingly remove the dirt bucket-by-bucket. Sadly, technical rescue teams were unable to save the worker, whose name has not been made public. The cause of this sad incident has not yet been determined but the accident is currently under investigation by OSHA.

Sadly, accidents like this are not uncommon and countless workers are seriously injured or lose their lives on construction sites every year. If you have been injured at work or you have lost a loved one to a construction site accident, you might be entitled to compensation.

It may seem like a lot to deal with at a difficult time, but a successful workers' compensation or wrongful death claim could significantly reduce the financial burden of this devastating event. An attorney can advise you about your options and may be able to help you prepare your claim as you pursue the justice and remuneration you deserve.

Source: WTAE, "Fatal trench collapse reported behind care home in Penn Township, Butler County," Kelly Brennan, Sept. 29, 2015

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