Construction worker suffers head trauma in workplace accident

Working in the field of construction has many hazards. Workers in Pennsylvania and other areas of the country can suffer from falls or injuries suffered from the use of heavy machinery, for example. While most workers strive to ensure that their actions do not jeopardize their personal safety or the safety of others, a construction accident can still occur. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man passed away after suffering head trauma on a construction site.

The victim was reportedly working on the construction of a bridge on a day in March. According to reports, he was an employee of Wright Brothers Construction. Reports indicate that he was attempting to take apart a screed when it fell off its rails.

As a result, the worker fell off the bridge, a fall of approximately 30 feet. Emergency responders said that although he suffered head trauma, he was semi-alert when they arrived. Unfortunately, he passed away after he was transported to the hospital. The incident remains under investigation, likely by multiple organizations.

Head trauma can often have devastating effects; even those who survive often suffer from the consequences of an injury to their head for the rest of their life. If they were injured as they completed their work responsibilities in Pennsylvania, they are likely entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits. These benefits can provide for lost wages and medical expenses. In the event of a fatality, such as this, the benefits can help surviving family members by reimbursing funeral expenses and burial costs and offering a wage replacement package for the victim's dependents. To ensure they receive the compensation they deserve, many families seek assistance from professionals who have experience with the process.

Source:, "Bridge worker falls to his death in North Carolina", Kerry Clines, March 29, 2017

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