Demoted after a workers' compensation claim?

You've suffered a work injury. You were hurt on the job. You have done everything that is expected of you from your employer and the workers' compensation insurance company and the nurse that calls or shows up to your appointments. You are off of work because you were hurt on the job and are collecting workers compensation checks. Work comp is paying for your medical bills for your work injury. None of the doctors you are treating with have released you to return to work. But then they do. With restrictions. Or you are sent to an IME and their doctor says you can go back to modified duty. Generally speaking if you are released to return to work with restrictions and you return to work, either with your employer or another employer you may be entitled to ongoing partial compensation checks ( a reduced amount of work comp checks). but you should always consult with an attorney.

Did the nurse case manager talk to your doctor after you left? Did your doctor now say he/she can't keep you of work indefinitely so they feel they have to send you back to some type of work when before they said they'd keep you off indefinitely? And what happens if you go back to work. So you think your employer is really going to accommodate your restrictions or just ignore them? Do you think that your employer will now look for a reason to fire you once you do come back to work? All very good questions and ones we see every day handling workers' compensation cases everyday for years.

Generally if you are hurt at work, hurt on the job, have suffered a work injury and are collecting workers' compensation benefits your employer can offer you work within a doctors restrictions (doesn't have to be your own doctor) and offer to accommodate your work related injury restrictions. If so you should contact on of our experienced workers compensation attorneys at Dugan & Associates immediately to know your rights. Every case is different and we can only talk in generalities when blogging. Call Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People now at 1-888-99-DUGAN that's 1-888-993-8426. We Fight For the Check You Deserve!

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