Disabled mother struggles to provide for 7 children

In today's troubling economy, it can be difficult to make ends meet. One 36-year-old Buffalo mom knows all too well how difficult it can be, particularly with the holidays now upon us. The woman is a single mother with four children of her own, plus three nieces and nephews that she gained custody of in 2008.

Due to neck and back injuries from a car accident in 2005, the mother suffers chronic pain and cannot work. She receives money from Social Security Disability as well as monthly child support. Her nephew receives Supplemental Security Income. In all, the family has about $1,700 each month to cover rent, utilities and insurance. Even with food stamps and Section 8 housing aid, they struggle to make ends meet.

With all the financial hardship, she says that she could not ask for better children. They do not complain and are good about helping out with the cooking and cleaning.

While not having the money to fulfill the gift wishes of little ones during the holiday season is definitely disappointing, without the income provided by Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income this family may not even have a roof over their head. Many individuals who have qualifying disabilities and illnesses often feel intimidated by the application process for SSD benefits. Or, they simply do not bother to fill out the application because they feel they will not qualify for benefits. Fortunately for this family, they are receiving the benefits they deserve and hopefully with the assistance of other organizations, their holiday wishes will come true.

Source: BuffaloNews.com, "Disabled mother raising 7 children is hoping for a happy holiday this year," Mark Sommer, Dec. 4, 2011

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