Does a mental illness make work challenging for you?

Many illnesses have the potential to affect a person's work and home life. People with psychological disorders may find it challenging to fully function at work and at home. Psychological illnesses can affect all aspects of a person's life.

One man who once lived in Pennsylvania but later moved to Oklahoma had bipolar disorder. His wife explains that he was very smart and had a successful career. He had received his doctorate and was a university professor. However, according to his wife, he would fluctuate between states of being very productive and not sleeping and being in such a depressed state that he could not get out of bed.

When this cycle of up and down energy levels and moods is a person's life, it may be quite challenging to go to work some days. This man did manage to work and create a life for himself, but others may have more difficulty finding success while battling bipolar disorder. Even with a successful career, this man attempted suicide multiple times and took his own life nearly a decade ago.

Anyone who has suffered from a mental illness likely understands how challenging it can make doing daily tasks and functioning on a productive level every day. When going to work is too hard, Social Security disability benefits for illness may help a person get by. Hopefully someday the person will beat the mental illness and be able to live a productive life.

People may commonly think of a person with a severe physical disability when thinking of Social Security disability benefits. However, as mental disorders can be equally debilitating, only in different ways, people suffering from mental illnesses may also wish to look into applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Source: News Press, "Mental health issues grow across the United States," Russell Hixson, Sept. 30, 2012

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