Electrical injuries result from industrial accident

Following water damage caused by a burst pipe, workers were dispatched to clean out a building. One worker sustained serious injuries as a result of an electrical shock being described by police as an industrial accident. The man is in his early 30s, so his age should help to speed along his journey back to full health somewhat, but the effects of electrical shock can be very serious, some of which are permanent.

Some effects of electrical shock include burns to the affected area, which can be serious -- internal burns due to high-voltage exposures can cause red scarring to occur under the skin. Ventricular fibrillation can be one of the most detrimental effects, off-setting the regular heart beat. There are also neurological effects, involving nervous control over the heart and lungs, as well as memory and motor skills being decreased.

Fortunately, the victim was conscious at the scene, which will hopefully bode well for his recovery. If there was negligence at the scene that led to his injuries, he may be able to pursue a personal injury or workplace negligence suit against his employer.

Workers who are hurt on the job may not know where to turn for advice or options to help to cope with their injuries. Medical bills and lost ages can quickly pile up, and if unable to return to work, may become insurmountable. Speaking with an attorney experienced in construction and industrial accidents can be an excellent resource to determine the best course for each unique situation.

Source: The Telegraph, "Worker suffers serious electrical injuries in industrial accident on Franklin Street in Nashua," Patrick Meighan, Nov. 17, 2012

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