Eligibility For Survivor's Benefits After A Work-Related Death

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Losing a loved one to a fatal work-related accident is devastating. Speak with a skilled Pittsburgh work-related death attorney who can help you to understand the workers' compensation and other benefits to which you and other survivors may be entitled.

Work-related deaths involve specific provisions in the law that outline who can recover survivor's benefits after losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident, explosion, industrial accident or any other on-the-job accident. These provisions are complex, making it difficult for the everyday person to understand if he or she qualifies. With the help of one of our experienced western Pennsylvania wrongful death claims lawyers, you will be able to determine whether your situation merits monetary benefits for loss of income and funeral expenses.

Workers' compensation death claims are time-sensitive. As soon as you are able, contact our Pennsylvania law firm online or by telephone at 412-353-3572 to discuss your needs with one of our experienced fatal work-related accident lawyers in Pittsburgh.

When our work-related death attorneys work to determine survivor's benefits for a dependent, they evaluate many factors, including:

  • The claimant's relationship to the deceased: spouse, minor child, dependent parent
  • Financial dependency on your deceased loved one's income
  • The amount of time benefits may be allotted based on the age of a widowed spouse or minor child

Similar to filing a workers' compensation claim, the process of filing a work-related death claim carries its own share of difficulties and concerns. With more than 50 years of combined workers' compensation experience, our Pittsburgh work-related death attorneys know how to handle these delicate situations and help you achieve the maximum compensation you deserve. Additionally, if we find that a negligent third party may have caused or contributed to the accident, we help you pursue additional compensation in a third-party wrongful death claim.

Caring Lawyers Filing Work-Related Wrongful Death Claims

In fatal work-related injuries and deaths, certain circumstances must be met to allow claims to be processed. To aid in verifying relationships for dependent survivors, documents such as death certificates, marriage certificates and birth certificates for dependent minor children may need to be submitted to your deceased loved one's workers' compensation insurance company.

Death-related workers' compensation claims have a three-year statute of limitations for filing. If you do not file for survivor's benefits within 12 months of your loved one's death, you risk losing your rights to financial recovery. There are other time limits that may apply which could affect your case.

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