Falling concrete kills SW Pennsylvania construction worker

Construction work is an inherently dangerous job. Between working at great heights and dealing with heavy, dangerous machinery, the potential to have a catastrophic accident is always present, no matter how careful an individual worker might be in the course of doing his job. A recent accident not far from Pittsburgh is a reminder of just how dangerous construction work can be for Pennsylvania workers.

The construction accident took place in Ursina, about 50 miles outside of Pittsburgh. The borough was having its first sewer system involved, and so a team of workers was installing it. For reasons that are not yet clear, a piece of concrete that was serving as a manhole cover form fell from its perch.

The concrete landed on a 32-year-old construction worker from Everett, pinning him. Emergency crews were called to the scene; however, before they could arrive, the man's co-workers employed a crane to lift the piece of concrete off of their colleague, and they performed CPR on him. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. Paramedics were also not able to resuscitate the man, and he was pronounced dead an hour and a half after the accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is going to investigate the accident, but so far, most of the details about the accident are unknown. In the aftermath of many construction accidents, investigations might reveal that the company tasked with the job was somehow negligent. If that is the case, then the surviving family members of a worker who was killed on the job might be inclined to consult with a construction accident attorney for assistance.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Worker killed when concrete falls on him in Ursina," May 6, 2014

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