Wrongful Death: Construction Accident

Falling objects are a potentially serious hazard on Pennsylvania construction sites, especially when the items falling can be large and heavy. From bricks to entire walls, falling structures and items can crush or seriously injure workers in construction site accidents. For two workers in another state, falling slabs of granite resulted in a tragic accident.

According to reports, emergency responders were called to the scene on Friday, Feb. 7, around 10:15 a.m. When they arrived, they found two workers trapped under 10 slabs of granite. Authorities report that one man was already dead.

The stone had to be broken up to get to the workers. Authorities report that it only took workers around five minutes to get to the men, who were crushed beneath the weight. One man was brought to a hospital for emergency treatment, but he died there of his injuries.

The accident occurred as two men were working in a shipping container. The workers were unloading granite from a truck. According to reports, both men had been with the company for four to five years.

According to state reports, the site had no previous safety violations or accidents. A state OSHA team was brought in for an accident investigation.

There are times when a freak accident occurs on a construction site through no fault of anyone. Other times, incorrect or faulty procedures, poor tools or maintenance, or negligent action cause accidents. When an accident is deemed to be caused by any of these things, the person injured may have a case for compensation. If the injured person dies as a result of the accident, surviving family could file a claim for pain and suffering, loss and expenses.

Source: CBS SF Bay Area, "Falling Granite Slabs Kill 2 Workers At San Francisco Construction Site" No author given, Feb. 07, 2014

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