Fatal workplace accident under investigation

Those who must work with certain substances in Pennsylvania that are dangerous either due to their composition or temperature likely know of the dangers that they face. Unfortunately, they and their families are still left dealing with the consequences if they are injured as a result of their responsibilities at work. Officials in another state are currently investigating a recent fatal workplace accident that killed two people and sent four others to the hospital.

The incident that led to the workers' deaths happened one afternoon on a day in late June. According to reports, workers were doing work described as "routine maintenance" involving a slag tank. Slag is a waste byproduct that is formed when burned coal is combined with water. Used as an abrasive in sandpaper, for example, it can reach temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees.

While many of the details about the accident are unclear, the slag apparently spilled, burning six workers. Two of them died at the scene. The other four were transported to the hospital with injuries that a representative from the rescue team described as very serious and life-threatening. The hospital declined to comment on their statuses.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of a fatal workplace accident such as this can be both emotionally and financially devastating. The families of the deceased workers must cope with funeral expenses while the injured workers will likely spend a significant amount of time in the hospital; all will face lost wages. However, they may qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits. Those in Pennsylvania who have personally been involved or lost a loved one in an accident such as this often require help from an experienced attorney to ensure a fair settlement.

Source: powersource.post-gazette.com, "2 killed in coal power plant explosion near Tampa", Matthew Haag, June 29, 2017

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